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Ed Webb

TED Case Study: Red Sea - 0 views

    Threats to Red Sea environment
Ed Webb

New Northwest Passage triggers mass species migration | TG Daily - 0 views

  • a Pacific gray whale was spotted last year off the coasts of Spain and Israel. Scientists believe the ice-reduced Arctic allowed it to cross into the North Atlantic, from where it wandered its way to the Mediterranean Sea
Ed Webb

Mohamed Sherif El Ghamrawy | - 0 views

    AcrossBorders 2011 will meet Sherif
Ed Webb

These Limestone Walls: The Arab Spring and Climate Change: A New Dialogue on Sustainabi... - 0 views

    Dickinson student on US oil dependence
Ed Webb

Wildlife | Fauna Guide | Sub Sinai Adventures - 0 views

    Things to look out for during Across Borders 2011
Ed Webb

RHR - Calls for Papers - 0 views

  • Radical History Review #115, “Water”
    Call for Proposals

    The Radical History Review seeks submissions for an issue on water.

  • We welcome works that examine the human impacts on individual bodies of water as well as works that address the interconnections between multiple water worlds. Possible submission may also include:

    • The impacts of oil and gas production on water systems
    • Fishing and aquaculture
    • History of waste and water
    • The regulation of transnational river systems
    • Spatial conceptions of water and water systems
    • Water as a global commodity
    • The science of water and water safety
    • The history of conflict over mineral resources in the oceans and seas

    Radical History Review publishes material in a wide variety of forms. The editors will consider scholarly research articles as well as photo essays, film and book review essays, interviews, brief interventions, essays on museum and other public history forums, “conversations” between scholars and/or activists, teaching notes and annotated course syllabi, and research notes.

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