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Ed Webb

'Deadly' heat waves predicted for Arabian Gulf by 2100 - Al Jazeera English - 0 views

  • Scorching temperatures are already standard for people living in the Arabian Gulf, but by the end of the century parts of the region could become so hot that it will be impossible for humans to spend time outside
  • if climate change continues at the same pace the severe conditions that now happen roughly once every 20 summer days will become a normal occurrence
  • potential danger for the millions of Muslims attending the annual pilgrimage of Hajj
Ed Webb

'Over-consumption' threatening Earth - Middle East - Al Jazeera English - 0 views

  • WWF named Qatar as the country with the largest ecological footprint, followed by its Gulf Arab neighbours Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates
  • Denmark and the United States made up the remaining top five, calculated by comparing the renewable resources consumed against the earth's regenerative capacity.
  • "We are living as if we have an extra planet at our disposal,"
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  • an average 30 per cent decrease in biodiversity since 1970, rising to 60 per cent in the hardest-hit tropical regions
  • the poorest and most vulnerable nations are subsidising the lifestyles of wealthier countries
  • June's Rio+20 gathering, the fourth major summit on sustainable development since 1972
  • WWF is urging governments to implement more efficient production systems that would reduce human demand for land, water and energy and a change in governmental policy that would measure a country's success beyond its GDP figure
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