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Garrett Eastman

Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics Research - 4 views

    "Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics Research discusses how information about what the mathematical literature contains can be formalized and made easier to express, encode, and explore. Many of the tools necessary to make this information system a reality will require much more than indexing and will instead depend on community input paired with machine learning, where mathematicians' expertise can fill the gaps of automatization. This report proposes the establishment of an organization; the development of a set of platforms, tools, and services; the deployment of an ongoing applied research program to complement the development work; and the mobilization and coordination of the mathematical community to take the first steps toward these capabilities. The report recommends building on the extensive work done by many dedicated individuals under the rubric of the World Digital Mathematical Library, as well as many other community initiatives. Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics envisions a combination of machine learning methods and community-based editorial effort that makes a significantly greater portion of the information and knowledge in the global mathematical corpus available to researchers as linked open data through a central organizational entity-referred to in the report as the Digital Mathematics Library. This report describes how such a library might operate - discussing development and research needs, role in facilitating discover and interaction, and establishing partnerships with publishers."
Garrett Eastman

Participation in an Online Mathematics Community: Differentiating Motivations to Add - 5 views

    Abstract: "Why do people contribute content to communities of question-
    answering, such as Yahoo!Answers? We investigated this
    issue on MathOverflow, a site dedicated to research-level
    mathematics, in which users ask and answer questions. Math-
    Overflow is the first in a growing number of specialized Q&A
    sites using the Stack Exchange platform for scientific collab-
    oration. In this study we combine responses to a survey with
    collected data on posting behavior on the site. User behavior
    suggests that building reputation is an important incentive,
    even though users do not report this in the survey. Level of
    expertise affects users' reported motivation to help others,
    but does not affect the importance of reputation building.
    We discuss the implications for the design of communities
    to target and encourage more contributions."
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Garrett Eastman

Mathematical practice, crowdsourcing, and social machines - 0 views

    from the abstract: "Mathematics is now at a remarkable
    in exion point, with new technology radically extending the power and limits of individuals. Crowd-
    sourcing pulls together diverse experts to solve problems; symbolic computation tackles huge routine
    calculations; and computers check proofs too long and complicated for humans to comprehend.
    Study of Mathematical Practice
    is an emerging interdisciplinary eld which draws on philoso-
    phy and social science to understand how mathematics is produced. Online mathematical activity
    provides a novel and rich source of data for empirical investigation of mathematical practice - for
    example the community question-answering system
    mathover ow
    contains around 40,000 mathe-
    matical conversations, and
    collaborations provide transcripts of the process of discovering
    proofs. Our preliminary investigations have demonstrated the importance of \soft" aspects such as
    analogy and creativity, alongside deduction and proof, in the production of mathematics, and have
    given us new ways to think about the roles of people and machines in creating new mathematical
    knowledge. We discuss further investigation of these resources and what it might reveal.
    Crowdsourced mathematical activity is an example of a \social machine", a new paradigm, identi-
    ed by Berners-Lee, for viewing a combination of people and computers as a single problem-solving
    entity, and the subject of major international research endeavours. We outline a future research
    agenda for mathematics social machines, a combination of people, computers, and mathematical
    archives to create and apply mathematics, with the potential to change the way people do mathe-
    matics, and to transform the reach, pace, and impact of mathematics research."
Garrett Eastman

Sunflowers and Fibonacci - 2 views

    "An interesting group participation project for the Manchester Science Fair: growing sunflowers" Includes video on Fibonacci sequences in nature with the example of sunflowers
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