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Garrett Eastman

Heavenly Mathematics: The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry - 2 views

    Published 2012. "Spherical trigonometry was at the heart of astronomy and ocean-going navigation for two millennia. The discipline was a mainstay of mathematics education for centuries, and it was a standard subject in high schools until the 1950s. Today, however, it is rarely taught. Heavenly Mathematics traces the rich history of this forgotten art, revealing how the cultures of classical Greece, medieval Islam, and the modern West used spherical trigonometry to chart the heavens and the Earth. Glen Van Brummelen explores this exquisite branch of mathematics and its role in ancient astronomy, geography, and cartography; Islamic religious rituals; celestial navigation; polyhedra; stereographic projection; and more. He conveys the sheer beauty of spherical trigonometry, providing readers with a new appreciation for its elegant proofs and often surprising conclusions. Heavenly Mathematics is illustrated throughout with stunning historical images and informative drawings and diagrams that have been used to teach the subject in the past. This unique compendium also features easy-to-use appendixes as well as exercises at the end of each chapter that originally appeared in textbooks from the eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries."
Garrett Eastman

How We Measure the Universe, Animated | Brain Pickings - 10 views

    A video from the Royal Observatory Greenwich explaining how maths are used in measurement in astronomy and cosmology.
Darren Kuropatwa

Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos - 5 views

    includes some mathematical symbols too.
Martin Burrett

Cosmo Learning - 0 views

    A superb site with a large amount of lecture videos for college students and teachers.
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