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Garrett Eastman

Wardhaugh, B., ed.: A Wealth of Numbers: An Anthology of 500 Years of Popular Mathemati... - 4 views

    "Despite what we may sometimes imagine, popular mathematics writing didn't begin with Martin Gardner. In fact, it has a rich tradition stretching back hundreds of years. This entertaining and enlightening anthology--the first of its kind--gathers nearly one hundred fascinating selections from the past 500 years of popular math writing, bringing to life a little-known side of math history."

Math Mama Writes... - 0 views

    Math Mama is Sue VanHattum, a community college math teacher interested in all levels of math learning, and the mama of a young son. I'm entering the blogging world as I begin work on an anthology about learning math.
Garrett Eastman

The Best Writing on Mathematics 2010. - 10 views

    A volume edited by Mircea Pitici, including such contributions as "why Freeman Dyson thinks some mathematicians are birds while others are frogs; why Keith Devlin believes there's more to mathematics than proof; what Nick Paumgarten has to say about the timing patterns of New York City's traffic lights (and why jaywalking is the most mathematically efficient way to cross Sixty-sixth Street); what Samuel Arbesman can tell us about the epidemiology of the undead in zombie flicks."
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