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Garrett Eastman


    abstract: "In this paper I address the use of digital tools (GeoGebra) in open ended design
    activities, with primary school children. I present results from the research and
    development project "Creative Digital Mathematics", which aims to use the pupil's
    development of mathematical board games as a vehicle for teaching skills with
    GeoGebra, as well as an entrepreneurial attitude towards mathematics. Using the
    instrumental approach I discuss how open ended transdisciplinary design activities
    can support instrumental genesis, by considering the extent to which the pupils
    address mathematical knowledge in their work with GeoGebra and how they relate
    their work with GeoGebra and mathematics to fellow pupils and real life situations.
    The results show that pupils' consider development of board games as meaningful
    mathematical activity, and that they develop skills with GeoGebra, furthermore the
    pupils considers potential use of their board game by classmates in their design

Math Future event Tuesday March 13th 8pm ET: Supporting Collaborative Mathematics Explo... - 0 views


    Mind the Daylight Saving Time!

    Geoff Roulet and Jill Lazarus will discuss their use of wikis, GeoGebra and Jing with students, and invite participants for an extended DIY exploration. More details concerning the software required are below.

    All events in the Math Future weekly series:
    The recording will be at:
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    About Blended Mathematical Collaboration using a Wiki, GeoGebra and Jing

    This discussion centers on the use of computer tools in a high school class. The goal was to develop a "math-talk learning community" to establish mathematics communication and collaboration as a classroom norm. In support of this we have combined the use of a wiki, GeoGebra, and Jing.

    We would like to invite educators who have experience with wikis, GeoGebra and screencasts, or who would like to learn more, to discuss our project and share their ideas.

    Event Hosts

    Geoff is the skipper of and Jill a crew member on Jeannie, a J35 racing yacht. When not sailing, they are mathematics educators.

    After graduate work at the University of Waterloo, Geoff Roulet began teaching mathematics, computer science, and chemistry at Roland Michener Secondary School in Timmins, northern Ontario. In the late 1970s, when personal computers for computer science were placed in the back of his classroom, Geoff began using these to support student learning in mathematics. Since then he has been involved in ICT use in teaching and learning at all grades and in all subjects, but with a particular focus on mathematics. Teaching was followed by a short spell of curriculum development and support work with the Ontario Ministry of Education and then in 1990 a move to the Faculty of Education, Queen's University at Kingston. Along the way Geoff completed M.Ed. and D.Ed. degrees at the Ontario Institute for Studies
Garrett Eastman

Visualization Through Dynamic Geogebra Illustrations - 10 views

    Abstract: "The purpose of this chapter is to provide pedagogical strategies and discuss ideas about teaching mathematics using GeoGebra that promote effective use of visualization in a technology-integrated dynamic environment. The author describes his work with prospective secondary mathematics teachers enrolled in a methods course. The results of the study revealed that their perspectives on teaching and learning mathematics with technology were enriched as they worked individually and in small groups to develop and present lessons with GeoGebra, suggesting that creating a collaborative environment for our prospective teachers is as important as incorporating dynamic mathematics software into our teacher education courses." (Full text requires subscription or purchase)
Francesc .

mathfuture - Mathematics and Multimedia - 23 views

  • Mathematics and Multimedia GeoGebra Step-by-Step Tutorial Series
    The objective of the GeoGebra Step-by-Step Tutorial Series is not only to teach the readers how to use the software, but also to suggest how to use GeoGebra in teaching and learning mathematics. Most of the tutorials are (or will be) linked to related articles containing explanations and proofs about the mathematics discussed in the tutorials.
Colleen Young

GeoGebra - 10 views

Maggie Verster

Inscribe Semicircle In Square by Geometric Construction #mathematics - 2 views

    This slide show demonstrates some techniques that would be suitable for an experimental geometry project. The basic shapes of square and circle are explored using open source Geogebra and Dr Geo geometry software. The examples includes exercises in geometric construction, novel solutions and recursive (spiral) constructions. This is mathematics that can be done without algebra. There is some algebra on slide 18, to calculate the radius and area of a semicircle inscribed in a square.

GeoGebra compass and straightedge constructions, CIIT 2010, by LFS - 6 views

    An excellent overview of GeoGebra compass and straightedge construction
Roland O'Daniel

Dynamic Mathematics with GeoGebra - 13 views

    "In this article we introduce the free educational mathematics software GeoGebra. This open source tool extends concepts of dynamic geometry to the fields of algebra and calculus. You can use GeoGebra both as a teaching tool and to create interactive web pages for students from middle school up to college level. Specifically designed for educational purposes, GeoGebra can help you to foster experimental, problem-oriented and discovery learning of mathematics. We will illustrate the basic ideas of the software and some of its versatile possibilities by discussing several interactive examples."
Brian Mull

GeoGebra - 6 views

    GeoGebra - Dynamic Mathematics for Schools
    GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching. It has received several educational software awards in Europe and the USA.

Main Page - GeoGebraWiki - 0 views

    GeoGebraWiki is a free pool of teaching materials for the dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra. Everyone can contribute and upload materials! All contents of this pool may be used free of charge.
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