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Ceren Korkmaz

Learning by Design - Kids Build - 0 views

    In this video kids build their designs and exhibit them, hence their parents could see what their children do, how they learn etc.
    In that video, there is a project called Kids Build. Children built cities based on given maps of Boston. They construct the city environment by different materials. Although, it seems really fun, I did not understand what teachers target to teach students? Is it for only creativity? Since children are not so grown up, concrete thinking was targeted I think. Still, what was the "content" is still blur for me. edit: Opps, duplicate :).
    Here's a previously-shared example of learning by design by "Kids Build!" project. I think just getting the hands of the kids dirty is an outcome by itself. Although they do not possess abstract thinking skills at such a young age, I still think these are the ages when an interest sparks in the child, which could then turn into a passion.
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