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Selçuk Kılınç

Cubelets! Thousands & Thousands of Tiny Robots - 0 views

    A system of small cubes that can be used for STEM. Each cube has sensors that are sensitive to different things and can gain the ability to move in this way. Thanks to all these sensors, everyone can use their creativity and design robots for different purposes. An application that I think would be very useful, especially for young children. Although the prices are a bit expensive (330$), I think it is a tool that children can enjoy and learn at many sizes.

UnderstandingByDesign - 0 views

    This video make some advices for teachers about how to implement Learning by design in their school.
Ceren Korkmaz

Learning by Design - Kids Build - 0 views

    In this video kids build their designs and exhibit them, hence their parents could see what their children do, how they learn etc.
    In that video, there is a project called Kids Build. Children built cities based on given maps of Boston. They construct the city environment by different materials. Although, it seems really fun, I did not understand what teachers target to teach students? Is it for only creativity? Since children are not so grown up, concrete thinking was targeted I think. Still, what was the "content" is still blur for me. edit: Opps, duplicate :).
    Here's a previously-shared example of learning by design by "Kids Build!" project. I think just getting the hands of the kids dirty is an outcome by itself. Although they do not possess abstract thinking skills at such a young age, I still think these are the ages when an interest sparks in the child, which could then turn into a passion.
Burcu Korkusuz

Learning by Design from Theory to Practice - 1 views

    The paper explains Learning by Design based on the guidelines case-based reasoning and problem-based learning with many implications to pedagogical tools and practices.
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