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özge dışbudak

Situated cognition - 16 views

started by özge dışbudak on 21 Oct 14
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  • özge dışbudak
    Situated cognition theory argues that learning is more likely to occur in authentic contexts where "...knowledge is gained and applied in everyday situations (Altabib, 2002)." In other words, Situated Cognition promotes learning by doing and learning through experience in authentic contexts. According to Driscoll, proponents of situated learning proclaim that knowledge will lie dormant and unused if taught in separate contexts and not practiced in real life situations (2005). Authentic learning environments require students to engage in real tasks to solve real-life problems driven by the concepts to be learned. In this way, learners must interact within the social context of a specific community of practice. The situated nature of learning requires new knowledge to be practiced in social and collaborative contexts.
    Please watch
  • özge dışbudak
 also you may watch fpr sitauated learning
  • Emel Güneş
    Özge I am glad Sam find the right way :) and he learned soccer through playing rather than just reading about soccer. Both videos are very useful thank you very much.
  • özge dışbudak
    I am glad you liked Emel :))
  • Evrim Baran
    Great example. Could you play this in class today?

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