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Emel Güneş

How can we determine a teacher as an expertise? - 9 views

started by Emel Güneş on 19 Oct 14
  • Emel Güneş
    Even there are some examples of expertise seeming to decline with experience, for being an expertise teacher one of the common aspect is being more experienced. According to the idea of "practicing helps to be an expertise in a specific field", experienced teachers can be seen as expertise and unexperienced ones can be considered as novices. "A Handbook by Lionel Munby (1998)", Christopher,M. Clark and Robert J. Yinger stated some researches about teacher thinking and they present some finding about expert and novice teachers. Instructional classroom design and management skills and how these aspects were viewed as can differ from expert teachers to novices. The informed decision making of experienced teachers highlights the complexity of their knowledge and has implications for teacher education and further researches can be done in making that knowledge accessible to novices. Some expert teachers are sharing their ideas with the new beginning teachers. There are lots of videos including experienced teachers tips for new teachers and how they use the pedagogical content knowledge. Here is a link to show expert teacher tips for novices.

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