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Erica Davis

CyberOrient - 0 views

  • Egypt's blogosphere is one of the best documented in the Middle East, and activist blogging has had an impact on Egyptian politics, albeit on a small scale. Blogs in Egypt have permitted ordinary citizens not necessarily affiliated with a political party to voice their opinion and to bring issues usually ignored by traditional media due to actual state censorship or journalists' self-censorship to the attention of a wider public
  • Both in Egypt and Tunisia, different "generations" of bloggers have opposed each other, and occasional gross insults online show how the Internet makes some people lose their inhibitions, which is contrary to Habermas' vision of rational discourse.
  • The advent of blogging in Egypt is tied up with the Kefaya movement (Egyptian Arabic for "enough"), which gained momentum in 2005 as the first social movement in Egypt that actively used the Internet to organise its events. It set a landmark in organising the first anti-Mubarak demonstrations ever expressing the protesters' anger, featuring the tearing down and the burning of Mubarak posters.
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  • The advent of blogging in Egypt is tied up with the Kefaya movement (Egyptian Arabic for "enough"), which gained momentum in 2005 as the first social movement in Egypt that actively used the Internet to organise its events. It set a landmark in organising the first anti-Mubarak demonstrations ever expressing the protesters' anger, featuring the tearing down and the burning of Mubarak posters. This natural symbiosis between Egypt's early core bloggers with the movement has given new popular attention to the Egyptian blogosphere, and bloggers have used their skills to help organise campaigns independently from classical Egyptian opposition politics.
  • contributing to the formation of an all-encompassing youth movement united by the wish to prevent President Hosni Mubarak from cementing his rule and installing his son as his successor, paralleling similar umbrellas of diverse political trends linked to Ukraine's Orange Revolution and Poland's Solidarity movement.
Erica Davis

CyberOrient - 0 views

  • Thanks to the Internet, a new category of "online citizenry" or "netizens" has started to surface in the Middle East. This category of young and politically aware citizens, who are technology-savvy, has set a new vision and a more promising political map for the region (Kuebler 2011).
    • Erica Davis
      This simple excerpt is a big fact about how technology is being used in other countries, mainly middle east to bring about positive change and awareness of corruption
  • ut the social media powers are not unlimited. Cyber-utopians tend to downplay the governments' role in censoring social media or even utilizing them to serve their purposes. The Internet's open nature allows governments to track down their opponents. "Governments create cyber-armies of hackers to discern possible enemies and send secret police to abduct these people during the night...Though many believe their comments online are safe since they are anonymous, what they do not realize is that the government has many ways of ripping off the 'protective' mask of anonymity to reveal the speaker of any comment" (Tung 2011).
Phil D

The coming chaos | 4dtraveler - 0 views

  • accurate view of the big picture, resulting in a diminished capacity to carry about your business effectively
  • but the scale and quality
  • irritating
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  • All the meanwhile, the entities causing the inflation want to cover their tracks, so information given to the public is doctored, while official news bites are false, designed to keep the populace calm, to keep them from acting in their own best interest.
  • other lagging indicators
  • This requires work, so most people, being busy, go with the flow and in doing so no longer have that ’more accurate’ larger-view of the future they once held.
  • And this is why during the last 70 years we’ve gone from a condition where one worker could support his family, to a time when it took both Mom and Dad to support the family, and now takes Mom and Dad, credit cards, and  maybe a 2nd home mortgage to provide the same
  • practically
  • while the value of the silver quarter is $7.05
  • savings–the product of your labor
  • If you prepare for a man-made crisis, you will be on the same path as some one preparing for natural disasters: hurricanes, power outages, etc. Man-made vs. Natural disasters differ mostly by scale and duration. [Mr Larry]
  • global interdependence
  • disturbance of one strand shakes the entire web
  • has reached critical points in its equilibrium
  • It is at a point of dynamic, critical vulnerability;
  • fragility of our system,
  • prepare for any disturbance with supplies.
  • If one very large, or several moderate to large (Volcanic Explosivity Index) volcanoes go off, we may experience very muted daylight for several seasons to a year and unable to grow enough food for even the prosperous nations.
  • communities electric power could go out for a week or more, during the summer, during the winter?
  • which threats
  • Survivalism is basically the same
  • survival threats
  • star emitting a planetary sterilizing gamma ray burst
  • moderately likely
  • Is your job & income 100% secure?
  • prolonged period of time
  • How would your finances hold up in a currency crisis where the dollar rapidly lost much of its value?
  • any em
  • disaster
  • Plan to make it on your own
  • medications and medical supplies
  • supply
  • • Have copies of emergency documents
  • remained a spectator
  • large number
  • be prepared for it
  • Don’t rely on your Insurance company for anything more than a check. Insurance is about money, it’s not their job to repair your home or put your life back in order. While some might refer you to local contractors, many do not, and in times of overwhelming need, both adjusters and contractors are going to be hard to come by
  • The government’s, ‘Three Days of Self Sufficiency’ campaign, is woefully inadequate
  • US financial Ponzi dynamics
  • effective money supply
  • Debt will become a millstone around people’s necks and bankruptcy will no longer be possible at some point
  • In the future the consequences of unpayable debt could include indentured servitude, debtor’s prison or being drummed into the military
  • and the loss of savings
  • purchasing power collapses
  • The essentials will see relative price support as a much larger percentage of a much smaller money supply chases them
  • We are headed eventually for a bond market dislocation where nominal interest rates will shoot up into the double digits
  • This will cause a tsunami of debt default which is highly deflationar
  • inability to maintain infrastructure
  • dollar-denominated debt
  • short selling will be banned
  • Suburbia is a trap
  • Centralized services
  • People with essentially no purchasing power will be living in a pay-as-you-go world
  • Eventually the dollar will collapse
  • Deflation and depression are mutually reinforcing
  • There should be no lasting market bottom until at least the middle of the next decade, and even then the depression won’t be over
  • Much capital will be revealed as having been converted to waste
  • Export markets
  • 29.  Herding behavior is the foundation of markets
  • dangerous populist extremists
  • sense of common humanity will be lost as foreigners and those who are different are demonized
  • war in the labor markets
  • resource wars
  • demand collapse
  • Ordinary people are unlikely to be able to afford
  • Tainter
  • Political structures exist to concentrate wealth at the centre at the expense of the periphery, and this happens at all scales simultaneously
  • 38.  Taxation will rise substantially as the domestic population is squeezed in order for the elite to partially make up for the loss of the ability to pick the pockets of the whole world through globalization
  • politics of the personal
  • economy of favors (i.e., endemic corruption)
  • give up your healthcare
  • magazine subscription
  • club membership
  • vacation plans
  • charitable donations
  • your cell phone, your internet access
  • home phone service
  • lawn care service
  • financial support that you provide to friends and family
  • possessions and assets
  • have to move in with other families, friends, relatives
  • You may come to realize that what you thought was valuable and important to you has no value or significance at all
  • •  Food and ‘non-electric’–with the means both to prepare it and store it.
  • Portable water filtering devices and containers
  • will need to determine their best course of action during a period of financial distress.
  • A look at the civil unrest that can arise when a government just ‘proposes’ austerity measures
Jaxon Smith

When Did Hitler Become Chancellor? - 0 views

    The article "when did Hitler become chancellor" would be extremely helpful for the readers who are seeking political clarity. Adolf Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany as per the invitation of President Hindenburg on the 30th January 1933.
Erica Davis

About CML | Center for Media Literacy - 0 views

  • Through a four-step "inquiry" process of Awareness . . . Analysis . . . Reflection . . .Action, media literacy helps young people acquire an empowering set of "navigational" skills which include the ability to: Access information from a variety of sources. Analyze and explore how messages are "constructed" whether print, verbal, visual or multi-media. Evaluate media's explicit and implicit messages against one's own ethical, moral and/or democratic principles. Express or create their own messages using a variety of media tools. Participate in a global media culture.
    • Erica Davis
      One part of the meaning and action of Media Literacy
  • Media literacy is an alternative to censoring, boycotting or blaming "the media." Deeply committed to the First Amendment and freedom of expression, media literacy does not promote partisan agendas or political points of view. The power of media literacy is its ability to inspire independent thinking and foster critical analysis. The ultimate goal of media education is to make wise choices possible
Frank Dogbe

Re-inventing Leadership - 1 views

If leadership is basically influence. How does one re-invent him/herself or leadership capabilities after a public fall-out like the ones we experience in our political circles?

started by Frank Dogbe on 27 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
moncle rpas

candidat. Sweat Franklin & Marshall - 0 views

The site, which opened on Thursday, provides the congress agenda, latest news, announcements and background information on past CPC national congresses in Chinese and English. Hoodies Burberry pas ...

Sweat Franklin & Marshall

started by moncle rpas on 31 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
Jeff Johnson

Ed Tech as an Election Issue - 0 views

    Urging the presidential candidates to make K-12 student access to education technology and modern learning environments a top national priority, leading education association have launched a public service announcement campaign titled One Giant Leap for Kids. The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the National Education Association (NEA) and the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) designed the PSA to drive home the message that making investments in technology today is critical to ensuring the ability of U.S. students to compete and succeed in the 21st century global workforce.
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