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Jeff Johnson

Ten leading platforms for creating online communities - 0 views

    Creating online communities of customers and workers has been one of the hotter topics in business and technology this year. Whether you're on the business side, in IT, or are just trying to build virtual teams around shared goals, online communities are rapidly becoming a popular way to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner.

Levi's bags online | Nappa Dori - 0 views

    The collaboration between Nappa Dori and Levi's has been a culmination of the minimalism that is at the core of our design aesthetic and the utilitarian aspect of denim produced at Levi Strauss & Co. At the heart of this collaboration is a mutual admiration of all things classic rather than allowing for trends to govern the final products.

How CRM Helps In Team Collaboration - 0 views

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    Team collaboration is the terminology that brings the collectiveness in just one platter. It is a boon to every business, if workings of the concerned departments can be monitored and shared within the employees since it will allow equal participation of every individual to achieve common objectives.
Jeff Johnson

Leadership 3.0 - 2 views

    The Leadership 3.0 Symposium is a collaborative effort of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), Computer Using Educators, Inc. (CUE), Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL). It is truly "for administrators, by administrators." 3 organizations, 1 mission - Educational Leadership for the 21st century.
Jeff Johnson

The LoTi Connection - 0 views

    The LoTi Classroom Teacher represents a series of online courses designed for classroom teachers, mentors, and building administrators to improve and refine the manner in which 21st Century Skills are used to promote student engagement and achievement. The LoTi Classroom Teacher series explores the concepts of higher order thinking skills, differentiation, collaboration, and the use of technology to build effective communities of inquiry that help students develop 21st Century Skills and improve their academic achievement.
Jeff Johnson

ProfilerPRO - Getting Groups the Knowledge They Need - 0 views

    ProfilerPRO allows for the evaluation of knowledge, attitude, and skill based on simple surveys implemented via the World Wide Web. Group members can share knowledge and promote collaboration based on responses to skills-based survey items. Use ProfilerPRO to strengthen your school's, district's, or other educational group's ability to share expertise and grow as an organization.
Jeff Johnson

School Technology Needs Assessment - 11 views

    The School Technology Needs Assessment (STNA, say "Stenna") was originally developed by SEIR*TEC at SERVE in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's Educational Technology Division, as part of the LANCET project (Looking at North Carolina Educational Technology). The STNA was created to help building-level planners collect and analyze needs data related to implementation of the NC IMPACT technology integration model, as well as other contemporary frameworks for examining technology use in teaching and learning. The STNA is typically accessed through a web address unique to each school, using a free online surveying system provided by SERVE. After a the survey has been completed by all staff members, it is closed and the address of a web-based report is provided to the individual responsible for coordinating the needs assessment. For schools preferring other options, a paper-and-pencil copy of the STNA may also be downloaded and freely reproduced for use, or items may be adapted to any other surveying method (e.g., telephone, email, or other web-based system).

Tips on How to Become an Instagram Influencer - 1 views

It's no secret that Instagram is no longer the same platform for influencers as it once was. The days of sharing a lovely photo with a three-word caption and seeing tremendous growth are long gone...


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Jeff Johnson

Rethinking the Library to Improve Information Literacy | Edutopia - 54 views

    In January 2007, I was hired by Springfield Township School District to teach English. One of the first pieces of advice I received was, "Seek out Joyce Valenza." I took this advice and sought out Joyce, the STSD librarian, immediately. Joyce and I collaborated on several lessons and she was always excited to help my class find new ways to approach research and Language Arts. Although it was three years ago, Joyce was ahead of the curve and understood the necessity of information literacy and the importance of emerging technologies and the evolving the library. Many schools that have adopted a 1:1 program have made the mistake of forgetting the library. The library is the cornerstone of every school and is in a current state of flux. No one knows what to make of the library and some feel it is a relic in the context of schools. New information technologies emerge and the library is soon forgotten or pushed to the side, however, the library has never been more important.

The Natural Tensions of a High-Performance Leader: A Podcast with Dan Rust, Infopro Lea... - 0 views

    Are high-performing leaders typically driven and demanding, or are they more commonly collaboration-oriented servant leaders? Are high-performing leaders primarily focused on financials and metrics
moncle rpas

ralph lauren boutique Un récent - 0 views

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started by moncle rpas on 16 Jun 14 no follow-up yet
moncle rpas

sac longchamp Rayures Les élevages - 0 views

En effet, même des pays dits de transition, comme la Corée du Sud, la Malaisie, la Turquie, la Roumanie ou la Croatie, sont parvenus à contenir sur leur territoire le virus par le seul confinement ...

sac longchamp Vietnamienne Rayures Love Series

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moncle rpas

sac longchamp noir pas cher Je - 0 views

Fuyez. Quand les BR l'apprennent par la télévision, ils décampent en hâte de leur PC qui se trouvait à Rome, Via Gradoli, au numéro indiqué par Prodi.Cela suffit-il à l'accuser d'être un agent du K...

sac longchamp kate moss occasion noir pas cher

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moncle rpas

longchamp planètestote bag price Car - 0 views

Ils se sont avant tout attachés à reprendre à l'automobile l'espace qu'elle s'était insolemment arrogé. Mais créer de toutes pièces et au prix fort une ligne de surface déroulant son tapis gazonné ...

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moncle rpas

Lacoste Femme A l - 0 views

N'est-ce point ce qui paraît s'annoncer, à voir les élites françaises se hâter de parler anglais entre elles dans les instances internationales comme au sein des professions « congressionnelles » ?...

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moncle rpas

Sac Longchamp Pliage Neuf Une - 0 views

Les cellules souches embryonnaires intéressent beaucoup les chercheurs pour deux raisons : leur capacité à s'autorenouveler qui permet d'en disposer à volonté et surtout leur potentiel à donner une...

Accessories Burberry Femme Sac Longchamp Pliage Neuf polo Ralph Lauren

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fsakyonga fsakyonga

Rome Sac Pliage Tour Eiffel pas cher a salué - 0 views

Le chancelier autrichien Werner Faymann a enfoncé le clou dimanche, accusant Athènes de se comporter "comme une agence de voyages" en laissant librement passer les migrants. "Je ne comprends plus l...

Sac Pliage Tour Eiffel pas cher

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