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Jeff Johnson

NAIS - Publications - Independent School Magazine - How to Build for the Future of Tech... - 1 views

    If you could design your own school, what would it look like? This is not a question many educators actually get to answer, but it is this very question that we have been asking ourselves at The Episcopal Academy (Pennsylvania) for the last seven years - as we have planned, built, and now moved into our new 123-acre, nine-building campus. This tremendous opportunity to build an entire school is both the chance of a lifetime and an incredible challenge. How do you build a campus that not only meets the needs of today's students, but which will hold up over time, allowing for enough adaptability to grow and change in a climate where five-year strategic plans seem long-term? Even more challenging: how do you plan the technology for a campus like this?
Jeff Johnson

School Technology Needs Assessment - 11 views

    The School Technology Needs Assessment (STNA, say "Stenna") was originally developed by SEIR*TEC at SERVE in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's Educational Technology Division, as part of the LANCET project (Looking at North Carolina Educational Technology). The STNA was created to help building-level planners collect and analyze needs data related to implementation of the NC IMPACT technology integration model, as well as other contemporary frameworks for examining technology use in teaching and learning. The STNA is typically accessed through a web address unique to each school, using a free online surveying system provided by SERVE. After a the survey has been completed by all staff members, it is closed and the address of a web-based report is provided to the individual responsible for coordinating the needs assessment. For schools preferring other options, a paper-and-pencil copy of the STNA may also be downloaded and freely reproduced for use, or items may be adapted to any other surveying method (e.g., telephone, email, or other web-based system).

Driving Organization Wide Leadership Culture - 0 views

    Organizations are rapidly adapting to the new normal with an increased focus on succession planning and leadership development programs.

Benefits of Video Animation for a Website - DiggiWeb - 0 views

    With the upcoming technology and advances, there is a dire need to adapt to these changes. Especially when we talk about businesses running digitally, one must come up with strategies that are competitive in this modernization to set you apart.
Jeff Johnson

Change, Risk and Reward - 0 views

    Being in IT and computing I'm fundamentally in the business of change. Instigators of change are essentially trying to make things better, smarter, faster, more productive etc. However, it is more than apparent that the majority of people in the world hate change. But why is that? The instigator of change usually has all those who benefit from the old way of doing things as his enemies and he has only lukewarm supporters from those that will benefit from his new way of doing things. Seems like change is a big risk will only a small reward. So why the big imbalance?
Lilibeth Mapayo

Virtual Assistant - 0 views

    Virtual Assistant A virtual assistant is a businessperson who provides professional and personal support to clients from a home office. He/she takes part in helping small business owners and individuals. A VA provides the support and assistance that you need at a very small percent of the usual/expected cost to pay if you had to hire a permanent or temporary staff member. There are many areas where you can make use of VA talent for your business. The general administrative services include schedule/calendar management. A personal assistant organizes and tracts clients day-to-day schedule. He/she is also responsible in organizing of communication records. It is also his administrative task to check phone calls and process mailings to potential clients or customers. He is the one who make travel arrangements. Internet research and gathering data online, analyzing data and create reports, editing, and writing services are also an administrative services of a virtual assistant.. A successful virtual assistant must demonstrate knowledge in the English grammar, spelling and punctuation. He/she must use the English language correctly and effectively in writing articles, sales pages, and reports. It is necessary for a virtual assistant to demonstrate skills in adapting new technology and be innovative enough to apply it on the job. A virtual assistant can bring many advantages to business owners by helping them to save more time and money, and decreases their clients' workload so they have more time in building a very profitable and successful business. By working with a virtual assistant, you only hire their services and when you need them you only pay for the hours that work is required.
moncle rpas

survetement armani homme pas cher La - 0 views

La délégation envoyée au Caire aurait informé les Égyptiens que le chef du bureau politique du Hamas, Khaled Mechaal, basé à Damas, ne se rendrait pas en Égypte tant qu'une percée n'aurait pas été ...

survetement armani homme pas cher

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moncle rpas

grand sac de voyage longchamps De - 0 views

Pour s'entraîner, il adapte un roman de Sébastien Japrisot, Compartiment tueurs. Le scénario circule dans Paris, c'est une belle partition à laquelle Montand accepte de participer, puis Signoret, P...

grand sac longchamps pas cher pliage prix

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moncle rpas

lunette ray ban clubmaster Depuis - 0 views

En six jours, les combats font une trentaine de morts, dont le chef du maquis, Bassem al-Kanj, vétéran du djihad en Afghanistan et en Bosnie. Les islamistes capturés à Dinniyé ont passé plusieurs a...

lunette ray ban aviator clubmaster canada

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