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Tech-savvy 'iGeneration' kids multi-task, connect - - 5 views

    I am getting the vibe that we're beyond iGeneration, as it seems they are a bit younger, but I found this section pertaining to learning that seemed relevant. 

    Because these kids are more immersed and at younger ages, Rosen says, the educational system has to change significantly.
    "The growth curve on the use of technology with children is exponential, and we run the risk of being out of step with this generation as far as how they learn and how they think," Rosen says. "We have to give them options because they want their world individualized."
    Verhaagen agrees.
    "They know almost every piece of information they want is at their disposal whenever they need it," Verhaagen says. "They're less interested in learning facts and learning data than in knowing how to gain access to it and synthesize it and integrate it into their life. We're talking about kids in elementary school and up and talking about much younger children who know how to get ahold of information. Their brains are developing in ways where they're taking in astronomical amounts of information, screening out unimportant details and focusing on the parts they need."
Bill Genereux

The Blackboard Versus the Keyboard | The Big Money - 0 views

  • Sieber privately informed the students after their first exam that they scored lower by 11 percent than their counterparts without laptops
Bill Genereux

Best thing since sliced bread: Lightspeed users...blocking chat sites...add these NOW. - 0 views

    Michael Perbix is the school computer tech who is featured in a YouTube video explaining how to remotely activate the laptop cameras at the school district currently in hot water over spying on students. In this somewhat ironic blog post he warns other computer techs they should be blocking chatroulette in school firewalls.
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