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Phil Ridout

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And The Hierarchy Of Needs [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter - 1 views

    A nice take on Maslo for the Social Media age
Phil Ridout

AnecdoteCollaborativeWorkplace_v1s.pdf - 0 views

    Today we face an entirely new environment
    for innovation and getting things done.
    The days of the lone genius quietly toiling
    away in pursuit of that 'Eureka' moment
    to revolutionise an industry are all but
    over. We are now in the days of asking and
    listening to our customers and working
    with them in our innovation cycles.
    Innovation demands collaboration. So does
    production. In the past we could focus on
    a single task in an assembly-line fashion,
    handing our completed activity to the next
    person who would in turn do the same,
    until the job was finished. Now the jobs
    change fast, requiring learning new skills
    rather than merely repeating the old. We
    have to seek out people who have other
    pieces of the puzzle and work with them
    to tackle increasingly complex issues at a
    much faster pace.
Phil Ridout

Reporting events and games - including saving Slapham community spaces | socialreporters - 3 views

    Although we'll be writing a lot here about the potential of social media to help people tell their stories, share ideas, start and continue conversations, it is seldom enough on its own. In fact, it is still very much a minority medium in the field of local community action - however powerful it can be, as shown by the work of hyperlocal bloggers (examples here, and we'll be mapping more).
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