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Samantha Morra

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    Great source of United States history documents. Posters and tools for educators too!
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Principal's Strategy in Improving Teacher Performance| Jurnal Prajaiswara - 0 views

    ABSTRACT Introduction/Main Objectives: This study aims to determine the principal's strategy in improving teacher performance and the supporting and inhibiting factors of principals in improving teacher performance in educational institutions. Background Problems: indicators of problems in academic institutions such as the rare collection of lesson plans (RPP) in carrying out the teaching and learning process and teachers who lack discipline in punctuality in arriving and opening lessons and ending lessons. Novelty: Principal strategy concept in improving teacher performance in educational institutions. Research Methods: The type of field research means that the researchers used a qualitative method in which the data were in the form of words (not numbers) derived from data collection techniques, namely interviews, observation, and documentation. Finding/Results: The data analysis technique used is data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. Conclusion: The results of the research on the principal's strategy to improve teacher performance by 1) fostering teacher performance in seminars and training, 2) supervision or supervision of performance in the form of class visits every week and once a month, 3) fostering discipline of education staff by supervising the presence of teachers directly, 4 ) provide motivation 5) award. Supporting factors for principals to improve teacher performance are 1) completeness of facilities and infrastructure and 2) teacher enthusiasm to improve teaching performance. While the inhibiting factors are: 1) the lack of discipline of the teacher, 2) the mastery of the material and references, causing the teacher to be less mature in teaching preparation.

Implementation of Basic Training (Latsar) for Candidates for Civil (CPNS) Bleended Lear... - 0 views

    ABSTRACT Introduction/Main Objectives: Aims to find, study, and describe the implementation of basic training for prospective civil servants using a blended learning pattern from the aspects of communication, resources, and infrastructure. Background Problems: Find factors that become obstacles and supports in implementing basic training for prospective civil servants. (CPNS) Blended Learning pattern in Kerinci District in. Research Methods: Qualitative method, analyzing the activities of CPNS Basic Training in Kerinci Regency. Data mining is sourced from primary data and secondary data. Preliminary data in words, attitudes, or actions were obtained through interviews, and direct and indirect observations were obtained from the primary source, the organizing team, widyaiswara, and Latsar participants. Secondary data is obtained through documents, previous studies, books, meeting agendas, and those related to the problem being researched. Finding/Results: Research shows that implementing blended learning CPNS basic training in Kerinci Regency is effective. Communication and coordination of the performance of the latsar are pretty good. Human resources (organizers, teaching staff, and participants) can carry out their respective duties well. Facilities and infrastructure to support the smooth running of CPNS latsar activities, both when distance learning and classical learning, are exemplary. The output in the Latsar CPNS activity in Kerinci Regency, all participants (109 people) successfully passed. Conclusion: The internet network is not evenly distributed, so distance learning activities are less effective. Meanwhile, supporters of the smooth implementation of the Kerinci CPNS latsar include budget support, competent teaching staff (WI), and excellent cooperation.
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