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Javier Neira

JavaScript EE, Part 1: Run JavaScript files on the server side - 0 views

  • freedom to use the same JavaScript routines on both servers and clients. In addition, the techniques presented throughout this series will allow you to maintain a single code base for both Ajax and non-Ajax clients
  • This double-coding issue can be avoided by using JavaScript combined with Java code on the server side, getting full support of scripting languages through the javax.script API. In addition, the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 6 already includes Mozilla's Rhino JavaScript engine, which means no setup is required.
  • the toSource() method, which all JavaScript objects must have.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • engine.eval(scriptReader, vars);
  • all data exchange between the Java code and the executed script should be done through primitive variables, strings, and Java objects (for example, beans) whose properties and methods can be accessed very easily in the JavaScript code. Simply said, don't try to access native JavaScript objects in your Java code. Use Java objects in the JavaScript code instead.
  • Note that javax.script.Invocable is an optional interface, which some script engines may not implement. The JavaScript engine that comes with JDK 6 does support this interface.
  • you can significantly reduce the execution time by compiling the scripts, using the methods provided by another optional interface named javax.script.Compilable, which is supported by the JavaScript engine of JDK 6.
Ivan Pavlov

narwhal - 0 views

shared by Ivan Pavlov on 02 Jun 09 - Cached
    Narwhal is a server-side JavaScript standard library conforming to the ServerJS standard. It is designed to work with multiple JavaScript interpreters, and to be easy to add support for new interpreters. Wherever possible, it is implemented in pure JavaScript to maximize reuse of code between platforms.
Mike Chelen

passpack - Google Code - 0 views

    Passpack Host-Proof Hosting is a package who's aim is to give Ajax programmers the libraries they need to build a Host-Proof Hosting application.

    A number of pre-existing libraries have been modified and grouped together under the Passpack namespace in order to facilitate use.
Mike Chelen

Aptana Jaxer - 0 views

    # Use your Ajax, HTML, JavaScript and DOM skills server-side
    # Integrate with databases, file systems, networks and more
    # Just tag your JavaScript code to run on the server, the client, or both
    # Easily deploy your Jaxer apps to Aptana Cloud from within Studio
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