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Sarah Pickford

App Store - Sono Flex - 0 views

  • Tobii Sono Flex is a universal application available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Users need only to buy the application once to run it on either device.Tobii Sono Flex is also available in a slightly limited, but fully functioning evaluation version called Tobii Sono Flex Lite.Educational institutions are eligible for a 50% Educational Discounts through Apple’s Volume Licensing Program
  • $109.99
  • - Combines core and topic-based vocabulary in a unique and dynamic way- Provides an easy, and highly motivating, start with over 50 pre-made context vocabularies - Comes with more than 11,000 SymbolStix® symbols- Use the camera and photo albums of the iPhone or iPad to create your own symbols- Comes with 5 US English, high quality Acapela voices; one boy, one girl, two women and one male voice.- Offers a solid structure to build up a large common vocabulary and enables versatile communication- Great flexibility in tailoring the vocabulary to individual and situational needs- Develop within Tobii Sono Flex, into other Sono Suite products or even switch hardware platforms- Tobii Sono Flex is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and on regular PCs and dedicated speech devices running Tobii Communicator.Read more on or
Sarah Pickford

MetaTalk for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • MetaTalk is based on METACOM symbols which are known for their clarity and professional design. A simple structure allows beginners - and relatives without special AAC training - to learn and grow over time.
  • Vocabulary• more than 2300 words and phrases are pre-configured, more available in our library• vocabulary for daily use including popular phrases• most-used items always visible: "I would like", "There is", "More", "Not" (configurable)• pronouns ("I","you","he",…) and people ("Mother", "Father",…) are automatically linked with the correct verb forms ("go", "goes", etc.)• theme-based categories with core vocabulary, phrases, and related questions for fast interactions• phrases and questions to initiate a conversation: "My name is"/"what is your name","I like"/"what do you like"• page with talk-buttons for recorded messages• project page(s) at school• day planner for mornings and afternoonsFunctions• synthesized speech (Acapela) with male and female voices for adults and children• talk-buttons for recorded messages• customize each key with text and photos from the photo album or the iPad camera (iPad2)• add symbols and texts from our library simply by dragging• rearrange keys on each page or create new pages• all editing functions can be turned off in Settings
  • $189.99
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Predictable - 0 views

  • Predictable is an exciting text-to-speech application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Offering customisable AAC functions with the latest social media integration, Predictable sets a new benchmark. Using a word prediction engine and switch access, Predictable meets the needs of a wide range of people using AAC. A wide range of people are using Predictable, including those with MND / ALS, Cerebral Palsy and people with communication difficulties after a stroke or head injury. Features:• UK and US prediction engine featuring integrated intelligent self-learning of new words and contexts• Accessible via Bluetooth switch box + switch/es (compatible with Therapy Box Switch Box and RJ Cooper Switch Interface)• Configurable scanning settings for auto scan or user scan.• Use the whole screen as a switch with scanning mode (Touch Anywhere access method)• Choice of 9 voices (4 US,3 British and 2 Australian voices)• Easy to use category folders to store quick phrases or prepared messages• History view with access to last used phrases• Ability to compose and send emails• Ability to update Facebook status or send a Tweet*• Ability to send an SMS**• Note pad option – hand write on the screen• Emoticons – to add laughter, crying or whistling to your message• Publish option for 1:1 discrete conversations• Backup your phrases to your computer
  • $169.99
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Scene&Heard - 0 views

  • - Build scenes and vocabulary on the go. Take photos with your iPad or import photos from your photo library.- Record your own voice messages for scenes to make basic requests or share stories- Take or import short video files to allocate to scenes- Choose and use over 10000 Widgit symbols to use to support communication - Create hotspots (tagging a scene) on the scene and allocate actions, so that the picture is interactive- Link scenes to create a sequence of events, support narrative or to reinforce cause and effect concepts- Try out some of the pre-built scenes in the scene library, and then easily create your own scenes - Use a flip book or grid view to find your scenes- Flexible, easy and fun- Use one or 2 switches using a TherapyBox Switch Box or RJ Cooper switch interface- Use the whole screen as a switch in "touch anywhere" mode. Uses scanning to highlight the active areas and the person using the app can tap anywhere to make their choice
  • $49.99
  • You can use it as an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) tool for communicating basic needs or more complex ideas, or as aninteractive and flexible learning tool, the choice is yours!Some ideas clinicians and parents have had so far:- single message communication aid- communication passports- step-by-step videos and instructions for completing daily tasks- use in the community,e.g. ordering coffee- creating therapy tools- teaching basic concepts such as cause/effect- video diaries- home / school liaison- social stories- narrative support- interactive education games- interactive email messages to family/talking video postcards
Sarah Pickford

Three Ring | An App for Teachers to Create Educational Portfolios of Student Work with ... - 0 views

  • Quickly and easily digitize student work and build the resource for authentic assessment in your classroom.
  • Take a picture with our app, and it's online in seconds Three Ring is a website that allows you to securely upload photos of student work. With Three Ring, you can sort by class, student, or custom tag to easily find the artifact you're looking for. You can pull up a student's work for parent-teacher conferences, administrative meetings, formative assessment, or use as exemplars. How it works: With your smartphone, you can take a photo and tag it before you upload it. Take a picture while in class or grading. After you're done, you can log into the website and see all the photos you've uploaded.
Sarah Pickford

Augie AAC for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • Unlike other AAC apps, Augie is a multi-function app with built-in schedules, a one-touch critical communication feature. The user defined voice output communication categories are available to support functional communication needs as well as voice output prompting/task cues, behavioral support systems, social scripts, self regulation strategies along with user defined conversation starters.
  • AUGIE FEATURES FOR THE USERDefault communication categories to organize vocabulary for quick and purposeful communicative functions.Color-coded, environment-specific categories for intuitive access to content.One-touch message buttons that allow for instant access to critical content without the need to navigate multiple screens.Separate Home and School/Work schedules to support independence and self-regulation.A personalized main screen that displays the user’s special needs, name, home address, and emergency contact information.AUGIE FEATURES FOR THE ADMINISTRATORCustomizable and layered schedules for home and school / work that allow users to create personalized step by step task cues which encourage independent task completion.An integrated note pad that facilitates home/school communication and individualized progress monitoring through text. Notes can be stored locally and forwarded electronically directly from the device using any internet connection (Note pad does not support voice out-put).An integrated audio recorder and image library which allow administrators to create new individualized content without the need to connect to a computer.
  • -Ability to rename environments and assign icons to the environment buttons. -Added unlimited schedule layers allowing specific schedules for each day of the week.-New popover windows are color coded to match related category button.-Added additional default images.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - uTrack Lite - 0 views

  • The concept is simple. You have a virtual ‘wall’ where you can put up sticky notes with your to do's. Once you decide to start the task, simply drag the sticky note from the ‘to do’ column to ‘in progress’. Move the task to the 'verify' column should you feel the need to revisit it after completion. Once the task is finally completed drag it to the ‘done’ column. At any point in time, you could delete tasks or clean your wall completely. The application also allows you to take snapshots at any given instance and send it via email.
Sarah Pickford

MathEdge HD Lite: Multiplication for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • Features: - Multiplication step-by-step guide - Multiplication flash cards 0-5 - Single number focus: practice your times table for 2's, 3's, 4's, or 5's.- Audio instructions - Caters to both left and right handed children - Great for classrooms or at home
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Maths Tables - 0 views

  • It has a simple interface with no menu system. No ads or in game notices. Only the tables. So they can get on and use the App with minimal adult intervention.
  • This app has the 1 to 12 times tables.The voice encourages the learners in a motherly tone
  • $1.99
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Flash Tables (Multiplication Tables) - 0 views

  • Flash Tables provides a full set of activities to assist Multiplication Tables learning. Use Flash Cards and Table references to practice and reinforce knowledge, followed by timed or non-timed tests to improve speed and accuracy.FEATURESMath flashcards from 0x0 to 12x12Times Tables from 0x0 to 12x12Times Tables test from 0x0 to 12x12Timed Times Tables test from 0x0 to 12x12Gesture based interface
  • $0.99
Sarah Pickford

Times Are Tough for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • Slightly less painful than flashcards, incrementally more entertaining than story problems, this is your chance to hone your multiplication chops with some no frills math drills. Turn the tables on factors 1 through 12 in Practice and Perfection Modes. Test your limits in Punishment Mode with hundreds of big league multiplication problems. For most of us, math will never cross the threshold into fun, but this is about as close as it gets.
  • $0.99
Sarah Pickford

App Store - FitQuest Lite - 0 views

    • Sarah Pickford
    • Sarah Pickford
      Your Therapy Source told me about the Free app FitQuest Lite by JogHop, so I downloaded it and then tried to figure out when I would use it. It actually worked great for 2 kiddos that I work with that are completely different in terms of presentation. One of the kiddos has Developmental Coordination Disorder and we work a lot on timing of movement that is self generated, that is cued, that is reactionary to something happening to the environment as well as the coordination of that movement. The other kiddo has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and we spend a lot of time working on bilateral hand use, standing balance, anticipatory balance control and reaction time. By using this app I was able to work on all of these things. They get the visual cues of the squirrel running down a path (whose movement is generated by the kiddo's movement) and then have to react to the obstacles that come along the way. This can include jumping over a snake or ducking to get away from an eagle. In addition to the visual cues I have been able to vocally tell them when to jump or duck or whatever the task is requiring. As they practice, they get the repetition and are able to anticipate when to move to get the desired result and time the motion so that they make it over the snake. As they progress, they need fewer and fewer verbal cues. Their timing and reactions improve as well as their anticipatory reactions where they can plan a movement, and their body knows what it needs to do in order to maintain their balance for that action. For my kiddo that has spastic quadriplegia CP, we didn't do the leg motions as much but used the bilateral hand use to generate the movement. He was able to make it jump by lifting the phone up, and duck by bringing the phone down. The squirrel was able to move down the path by his shaking his arms slightly. It was a great balance tool and really helped his bilateral hand use. All in all this is a great free app that can develop on anticipatory r
    • Sarah Pickford
      This review originally appeared at Starfish Therapies. Thank you to author Stacy Menz for allowing us to repost it!
  • FitQuest is an exercise adventure that is fun to play and good for your health. Powered by your own natural movements, jogging in place, hopping and ducking will get baby squirrel safely to the tree house.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - Talking Memory Kids - 0 views

  • This TALKING MEMORY game helps kids exercise their minds and learn to pronounce words. Start the clock and complete the game in the fastest time. It's fun and educational!Includes:* Three levels of difficulty (4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 grids)* Audio pronunciation of each picture* High quality images and speech* Clean and colorful layout* Race the clock* Random shuffle of pictures for a large combination of games* InstructionsThis game is excellent for kids of all ages. With its TALKING pictures, it's especially helpful for kids with learning and visual disabilities.
Sarah Pickford

App Store - ZenTap - 0 views

  • ZenTap helps you to write easier and faster on the iPhone. How ZenTap can do that? - ZenTap includes a word prediction system that allows you to complete words simply typing the first letters. This increases the write speed and eliminate the 90% of spelling errors. - Easily save template texts and reuse them every time you need. Use the shortcuts to improve even more the templates usage. Watch the video to understand better how it works and how it can helps you.- No more typos with ZenTap's advanced spell check system. - Customizable Buttons. With this buttons you will be able to define some special character/s (for example smiles) for each button.
  • Zentap is presented in two modalities: standard (free) and professional (comercial).The standard has the same features that professional with two limitations: the user will be able to use spell checker, text shortcuts and twitter export only 20 times, after that the program will lock this options.
  • Feature Summary: - Word prediction system - Spell Checker - Template System + Text snippets (shortcuts)- 4 customizable buttons - Text Translator - Wide text area (with full screen text view support)- Direct export of text to email, sms, safari and now to twitter.
Sarah Pickford

Finger Math for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • Finger Math uses an abacus-like finger counting method called “chisenbop.” With this method it is possible to display all numbers from 0 to 99 with both hands. Finger Math works on the iPad by detecting the “touch” position of all 10 fingers. The fingers are pressed onto the iPad to indicate value.
Sarah Pickford

Work System (Autism) for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), ... - 0 views

  • A work system is a strategy that addresses independence as an essential outcome for students with ASD. A work system, an element of structured teaching, is defined by Division TEACCH as a systematic and organized presentation of tasks and materials that visually communicates at least four pieces of information to the student (Schopler, Mesibov, & Hearsey, 1995):1. The tasks/steps the student is supposed to do. 2. What is the nature of the task? 3. How many tasks/steps there are to be completed. 4. How the student knows he/she is finished.
  • While a picture schedule directs a student WHERE TO GO, a work system instructs a student on WHAT TO DO once they arrive in the scheduled area.
Sarah Pickford

Emotions and Feelings for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 0 views

  • There are three modes to choose from. Listen to the type of emotion being asked and tap the photo that demonstrates it. Each time you play the seven emotions will be asked in a different order.Then draw your own faces with different emotions, choose between a male and female and have your children/students express how they see the faces of different emotions and feelings by drawing them with their finger.Lastly, what about their own emotions. Get them to select photos from your camera roll which show their own photographs demonstrating different emotions. Have them pick the 7 emotions shown and add one of their own.
Sarah Pickford

GoSoapBox - Hear what your students are thinking. - 0 views

    This is a platform that allows students to annonymously ask/answer questions, respond to polls, and communicate with each other and the teacher. Works on laptops, computers, and mobile devices
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