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Madeline Brownstone

The Doctor Will See Your Electronic Medical Record Now - 1 views

    "And for patients, medical care has become an increasingly isolating experience, as their caregivers seem more beholden to technologies than to their illness, which is most certainly not virtual."
Madeline Brownstone

QuickStudy Directory - Computerworld - 3 views

    There are many more concepts here than are relevant to ITGS, but it's a good guide to much of the vocaubery.
Olivia M

In Japan, Machines for Work and Play Are Idle - 3 views

    The stakeholders are customers, human workers, factories and big product companies. The social ethical issue is reliability. The scenario is robots used in business. The IT system is factory robots. The issue here is that due to lack of money, robots cannot be used in factories which will lower the amount of products made.
    It is important to fully examine the issue of reliability in this context. When using artificial intelligence in the factory workplace, those installing the robots must be mindful of the possibility that the robot will not be reliable. Reliability, therefore must be tested extensively to make sure that it is fairly high.
Kristin O

Poker Bots Invade Online Gambling - 5 views

    This article starts out with a scenario about a professional online poker player figuring out that he was actually playing against a bot, which is designed to beat its opponents against all odds. There area of impact of this article can be arts entertatinment and leisure because the players do play for money and compete with one another online. This is from the point of view from the players however it can be also seen as business and employment because bots are being sold on line to do this specific task and to win earnings for whoever has paid for them. The Social and ethical issues here can be Security when looking at it from the point of view of the poker site owner, they are supposed to try and root out any bots to make online playing fair for everyone else. People and Machines can also be applied here because the bots are taking something that is meant for recreation by humans and extending their faculties but to the extent of not playing by the rules and playing an unfair game with some one else. The stakeholders of this issue are the online poker players, the people who own the poker playing website and the people who sell and use the poker bots. The IT system referred to in the article are the bots.
    I found this article really interesting because I had not thought about it at all. This is an important case to pay attention to because of the fact that machines are taking over another aspect of the human life. Not only are machines capable of replacing jobs, such as the repetitive ones in factories, but they are also able to take away the fun in gambling. They are also bending the rules and creating an unfair environment for gamblers on the Internet.
    This article piqued my interest because it made me think about my own article in a broader way. My article talked about the issue of artificial intelligence talking menial and low skill jobs from people. This article attracted me because it show AI used in another way to make money for people. It takes what is mentioned in my article and extends it to another dimension. People are using these bots to actually make money by competing against human competitors but this is occurring to players unsuspecting players, technically this is using advanced technology to steal.
Karen M

Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software - 4 views

    The stakeholders in this article are lawyers, clients, the software developers, and law firms. The social and ethical issue is people and machines, more specifically, the fact that software is replacing the work of "armies of expensive lawyers." The area of impact is business and employment. The issue here is that law firms are now starting to use this new software in order to replace spending a lot of money of many lawyers to get the same job done. Law firms are able to save their money by investing in this software instead of multiple lawyers. They are also able to save time because the software is able to go through information faster than humans are able to. Clients are also able to save their money because they are paying law firms less to get the same job done. This is a chain reaction. The software developers are also able to make more money now that this is becoming more popular because they are able to continue building on and improving the software they have now and then selling it later on. The issue is that lawyers are being replaced by this new software. A job that used to take 500 lawyers, could now take 1 lawyer, along with this new software. This is an important issue to pay attention to because eventually it might lead to unemployment, even though there are no signs of it now.
    This was a pretty interesting article and I actually enjoyed reading it. You seem to have hit all the points and from the article what really stood out to me was when Bill Herr said,"People get bored, people get headaches. Computers don't." This is basically the issue that we are faced with when losing jobs. For those jobs that are repetitive is is more efficent and time saving to have a robot rather than a person doing the job. You hit this point by saying, "A job that used to take 500 lawyers, could now take 1 lawyer, along with this new software." Though I wonder if this is completely a bad thing. You say it is and important issue because it can lead to unemployment, but isn't it also the case that new jobs would arise? Would those jobs be able replace or be more than what was lost?
sarah d

AML Case Study: New Way to Fight Fraud - 3 views

    The IT system is the behavior-based software that uses artificial intelligence. the stakeholders are the bank implementing this software and the customers of the bank. The area of impact is business and employment, specifically banking. The issue with the use of this system is reliability. If this software is not reliable, then the customers at the bank are less protected from fraud. Also an issue that arises from the use of this system is security. The use of this system is to protect against fraud. However, if the computer becomes insecure, fraud would not be detected. 
    This is a really interesting case. Although it's not robots that one can see that are being used, banks are using artificial intelligence to help them recognize patterns and catch fraudulent people. Small banks are the real stakeholders in this case, and they want to protect their customers and their finances. The automation of the fraud-catching has given the banks more time and makes it easier to handle all the paperwork necessary for a case.
Jaymee C

Ethical and moral issues regarding artificial intelligence - AI - Links999. - 2 views

    This article discusses the ethical and moral issues related to artificial intelligence in the area of people and machines. One of these issues has to do with the issue of those in poverty who are denied a job because of the advances in technology. So the stakeholders include common people (especially the poor), manufacturers of AI, the designers of them and the businesses that use them. AI can be used virtually anywhere from factories to game shows and that threatens the role of some human beings. Some robots take the place of doing simple jobs but those who can't afford an education, in a way need those jobs. Many of the poor don't have the right education to suddenly become technicians for the robots that replaced them so they're out of jobs. There is also the issue of how to create a robot that mimics a human being. This creates issues because all of us have different ethical and religious standings, creating a robot to mimic us would create more issues in the human world because it would be going against some and supporting others. But if someone was trying to create the perfect human then it would be God-like and that would be an issue in itself.
Santiago P.

Can robots stop Gulf of Mexico oil spill? | Crave - CNET - 1 views

  • robotic submarines in an effort to contain the spill
  • BP quoted National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration experts
  • They are monitoring the leak, which was discovered Saturday, as well as trying to activate the blowout preventer, a
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • stop the oil flow.
    The IT system in this case is the remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) created by the oilfield engineering company Oceaneering. These robots monitored the leak deep down in the Transocean Deepwater Horizon, where humans could not reach to check out the oil spill. The major stakeholders are BP (the company responsible for the oil spill), experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who control and protect the environment in the Gulf of Mexico, Oceaneering, which created the ROVs, and the people living in the coast who were impacted by the massive oil spill in the gulf. The area of impact is that of science and the environment. The area of science applies to the robotics and artificial intelligence aspect, and the environment side deals with the environmental concern. The social and ethical issue is that of people and machines, and policies and standards. Experts in the field of environment must issue and enforce the policies that they stipulate, so as to protect the environment.
Mitchell Springer

PERSPECTIVE: April 3, 2011 ... Artificial Intelligence In Medicine » Naples D... - 1 views

    The usage of the technology behind Watson in the development of Medicine.
helen g

Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software - - 2 views


    * World
    * U.S.
    * N.Y. / Region
    * Business
    * Technology
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    o Environment
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    This article discusses advances in artificial intelligence which have allowed for legal documents to be read and processed by computers, rather than teams of lawyers. The major stakeholders in this scenario are the lawyer, who'se jobs are being taken by computer e-discovery software,such as Blackstone Discovery, due to the effiiency offered by computers as well as the fact that the services are much cheaper. The obvious concern in this situation is if computers are taking the jobs of actual people. Many argue that this is not the case, since jobs are always available. However, higher paying and more demanding jobs seem to be decreasing due to artificial intelligence. This puts an obvious restriction on people. It seems as though as time progresses, these jobs will start decreasing more and more on the job market.
Madeline Brownstone

BBC - Podcasts - Discovery - 0 views

    Good BBC podcast on internet addiction look down the list.
jonathan i

Jonathan site - 1 views

shared by jonathan i on 07 Mar 11 - Cached
Madeline Brownstone

ORT's Information Technology Foundation Course - 0 views

shared by Madeline Brownstone on 06 Mar 11 - Cached
    Check out this amazing learning tool. You can use this to support your own personal inquiry.
Madeline Brownstone

The Internet in Cuba - 1 views

    Internet in Cuba
Madeline Brownstone

IT literacy 3.0 -- the Internet is the platform - 0 views

    A blog that is no longer active, but still quite relevant for your ITGS reading pleasure.
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