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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Tony Vincent

Demetri Orlando

Writing on the iPhone with Stylus? - 16 views

stylus tablet pen
started by Demetri Orlando on 25 May 09 no follow-up yet
  • Tony Vincent

    I've purchased a few styluses to use on my iPhone. I created a short video you can find on the page below...

    You won't find any with a sharp point--those styluses won't work with the type of touchscreen the iPhone uses.

    Demetri Orlando wrote:
    > I'm a big tablet PC user, and was intrigued to see offerings for iPhone stylus pens, but from what I see on the websites of various companies (e.g. Pogo and Orion -- links below) it seems like these styli are being touted as a better way to tap to select icons or to tap on the keyboard. These styli all seem to have a blunt rubber end that you use to tap. I want a stylus that has a sharper end like a pen, because I am much more intersted in using an iPhone stylus with an iPhone app designed for writing (e.g. scribble), but with a stylus.
    > Has anyone tried buying a stylus to use to write notes on the iPhone? What has your experience been?
    > links:
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