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John Evans

Top accessories for your iPhone and iPad | ZDNet - 10 views

    "The iPhone and iPad are considered by most to be the best devices in their class, but you can dramatically improve upon both of them buying the right accessories. "
John Evans

Must-have apps for the iPad (Spring 2012 edition) | ZDNet - 17 views

    "There are lots of apps available for the iPad, and these are as good as they get. This list of apps includes a few games, utilities, and special apps that don't exist on other platforms."
John Evans

Seven 'must have' productivity apps for the iPad | ZDNet - 15 views

    "Summary: These are all apps that I turn to on a daily basis and they transform my iPad from a content consumption device into a piece of kit that is capable of doing real work."
John Evans

The jury is still out on school iPad deployments | ZDNet - 7 views

  • Paper usage has decreased with some “some teachers going paperless” and many the use of ebooks instead of dead tree books was highlighted in a particular class.
  • The problem with too many iPad deployments (like the one highlighted in Zeeland) is that schools end up doing the same thing they were before the new technology rolled out, except now they’re using “21st Century Technologies” to do them
  • he examples cited in the USA Today article (using iPads for flash card Apps or highlighting passages in a text with touch) hardly point to the pedagogical shift that tools like the iPad can enable
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  • When students can access tutoring resources whenever they need them or are driven to explore and create in new ways, when students build their own cloud-synced portfolios of high quality work, when students find new things they want to learn and are imbued with the curiosity and empowered with the tools and time (and guidance) to go after knowledge, when students spend their lunches with their iPads under a tree reading a good book that they were allowed to download instead of watching teenagers crashing skateboards on YouTube, then you have some transformation
  • There is an entire cultural shift that needs to accompany 1:1 deployments (whether or not they involve iPads).
  • hat we have to avoid is the impression that handing a lot of kids iPads suddenly prepares them for the 21st Century without a whole lot of work on the backend in everything from network infrastructure to teacher coaching and professional development
    "The jury is still out on school iPad deployments"
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