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Mr Stewart

iQuiz Maker - 0 views

    iQuiz Maker is an easy way for you to create custom quizzes for the iQuiz game for the iPod. iQuiz Maker works seamlessly so you can write, create, package your very own quizzes. Download the free application today to begin putting the world to the test.
John Evans

The Sixth-Grade App Maker Heard Around the World | MindShift - 2 views

    "Sixth-grader Thomas Suarez has taken the Web by storm the last couple of weeks. The YouTube video of his TEDx talk in Manhattan Beach, Calif., has more than 445,000 views. Check out how he amazed the crowd by talking about how he created two apps: Bustin Jieber, a Whac-a-Mole for Justin Bieber and Earth Fortune, which shows different colors of the Earth based on the region's fortune."
John Evans

Supercharge Your iPad: 10 Essential Apps for Makers | Wired Design | - 7 views

    "You can now use the tablet to hack like MacGyver, farm like the Quaker Oats guy, and sculpt like Michealangelo. (OK, we're stretching, but you get the idea)."
Yuly Asencion

Wunderbar! Blippit the pop-up app maker for children in MFL | Blippit - The pop-up app ... - 10 views

    Joe Dale's IATFL presentation on the use of iPads in MFL
John Evans

$10 iPad App Setup | My Hullabaloo - 21 views

    "One question I seem to get a lot about the iPad is what apps do I recommend that are free. I am hearing from a lot of teachers that they have no way to add paid apps and thus are stuck trying to find free apps. My experience is that many free apps stink. They have many adds, require in app purchases to be useful, or are just junk. I tend to stay away from most free apps. So what are you to do if the district controls adding paid apps? My suggestion is to build relationships with the decision makers. Don't just ask for a bunch of apps, instead provide documentation and purpose for a few apps you would like to have. I know this process takes time and effort but if you can show the purpose and learning you have a much better chance. If you need lesson ideas I suggest checking out my Pinterest page, and three of my favorite Pinterest pages: iPadsammy, TechChef4u, and Sue Gorman. Look for apps and lesson ideas there and modify them to fit your standards and kids. If I was starting from scratch this is the $10 iPad app setup I would push for in my kindergarten classroom. (I will be posting a $20 setup later)"
John Evans

The Best iPad Styluses [Best Of] | Cult of Mac - 7 views

    "If you want to make pictures and words that the rest of the world can recognize as such, you need a little help. Luckily, iPad accessory makers also ignored Jobs' complaints and set out to fill the world with wonderful iPad pens. Here are the best you can buy."
Cheryl Davis

Japan's 32 Best iPhone Apps (All Available In English) - 1 views

    It's not really a secret that Japan is absolutely crazy about cell phones. And even though domestic makers churn out more than 100 ...
Brian C. Smith

How the iPhone transforms learning and teaching... - 51 views

Just some questions and thoughts... I'm curious as to how the iPhone has changed culture. While it may have changed the culture of a how phone makers look at devices. I think it is important tha...

Learning teaching transforming

Tami Brass

Custom Flash Jeopardy Game Maker Tool - 9 views

    Click on link above heading for an iPad-friendly version
Vicki Davis

Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy; Are Other Tablet Makers Next? - 7 views

    Apple suing samsung over galaxy! With the iPad 2 in dwindling supply because of the components made in the affected area in Japan, I guess apple is trying to keep others out temporarily while they are rushing to find another supplier.
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