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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Stephen Wilmarth

Stephen Wilmarth

How the iPhone transforms learning and teaching... - 51 views

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started by Stephen Wilmarth on 27 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
  • Stephen Wilmarth
    Yes, I have learned to love my iPhone. But more than that, I have developed a deep appreciation for how the iPhone has become an icon for transformational discovery and learning. Like most people on the go, I have to exercise some discipline during my "computer time." I do enjoy playing and using my computer as a "discovery" platform. But sitting behind the desk is a limiting experience. Most of my time is spent out on the streets or being mobile. Cell phones are great devices for the mobile teacher, and some cell phones have remarkable features (think: Blackberry). But the iPhone's interface is the game changer in mobile computing. It opens the mind to limitless possibilities.

    I'm keenly interested in social trends and adaptations of technology that fundamentally change cultures. Has any single device had a more profound impact on culture or changed habits as radically as the iPhone has since its introduction just over a year ago? I think it's pretty remarkable.

    So chime in here, and share your most intriguing "Wow!" moments with your iPhone. For example, one of my more significant "Wow!" moments was when I downloaded Twitterific. I hadn't really been a big Twitter user, and was struggling with it to see how it fit into my "value" toolkit. But I'd only been experiencing Twitter online, and it was leaving me cool. Twitterific on my iPhone has transformed my twittering experience. I can easily browse and mark my favorites. I can easily respond and the use of the application on my iPhone is opening up my imagination to a host of possibilities, especially as an educational tool in a participatory learning setting.

    Share your "Wow!" moments. I'm curious to compare notes.
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