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Brian C. Smith

iPad pilot program brings new ideas to special education | ABC Newspapers - 17 views

  • Alternative test formats
    • Brian C. Smith
      Of course they will!
  • “We think there are many areas in special education where this kind of technology can be successful, but we need data to make good decisions.”
    • Brian C. Smith
      What of our tacit knowledge about learning, including that knowledge about the students?  Is this no good?  Can we not act upon what we know and not solely upon sterile data from a test?
    • Brian C. Smith
      Granted, the iPad has potential in school, but this article, among many others, is so vague at how the device is different other than the screen size and a mention of it's price tag.   iPads seem to be going the way of the IWB.   I still contend that these won't be successful until they are made personal.  Meaning, give it to the kid to have for the entire year.  Let them take it home, play with it, read on it, correspond on it and make their learning personal.   I'm currently in a pilot with iPads and the students are lukewarm to the device because they know it will go away or that they won't be able to make it work for them personally.  
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