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John Evans

Stuck in Guided Access with iOS 6? Here's How to Escape - 6 views

    "Guided Access, or what we to call "Kid Mode", is a fantastic addition to iOS that lets you lock an iPhone or iPad into a single app. Well, great when it works as it's intended, but it appears there's a pretty frustrating bug that makes the feature work a little too well once it's enabled in iOS 6 with some apps: triple-clicking the Home button doesn't summon anything and you're stuck in an app! This leaves you unable to leave Guided Access mode, but here's a workaround to get out of it until the bug is resolved:"
John Evans

Inspiro on the iPad, for those days a fresh idea escapes you | iGo With My iPad - 4 views

    "A couple weeks ago, a coworker made a comment, "off to Inspiro to get started". We all chuckled as if we knew the place. We were later surprised to learn it's a iPad app. An app, like our old Palm Dilbert, that came up with catchy words groups to get the mind pulses started."
Trevor Cunningham

Enable "Kid Mode" on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with Guided Access in iOS - 10 views

    "The iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone make excellent toys and learning tools for kids, but if you've seen a youngin' with an iOS device you know it's only a matter of time before the inquisitive mind of a child escapes the current application and ends up elsewhere. That inevitable sequence can be stopped in its tracks thanks to Guided Access, a great new feature brought to iOS in 6.0 that basically functions as "Kid Mode", whereby any iOS device can be locked into an application with the hardware buttons disabled. This is one of those must-have features for teachers and parents, and using it is easy."
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