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Eileen Schroeder

Mobile computing devices within K-12 education to rise in 2017 - CIOL - 3 views

  • One of the biggest challenges educators face when rolling out 1:1 computing initiatives is how the devices are to be used by teachers to improve teaching standards, and what devices are going to be the most suitable.
    • Eileen Schroeder
      What does this mean for professional development in schools?
Patti Porto

Assistive Technology Blog: What's on my iPad? Assistive Apps I Use as a Dyslexic Student - 3 views

    "apps, has become a very valuable tool. With my iPad I can read and fill out a PDF using text-to-speech, read a book with Voice Dream Reader, or map out my ideas with Inspiration Maps."
Maryann Angeroth

To The Brink - An iPad App About the Cuban Missile Crisis | iPad Apps for School - 1 views

    "The Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the landmark events discussed in nearly every course covering the Cold War. To The Brink is an excellent free iPad app through which students can learn about the causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy administration's handling of the crisis. The app uses archival images, videos, documents, and audio recordings to tell the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The app is arranged as a series of pages for students to flip through. On each page there are icons that students can tap to get more information in the forms of documents, images, and videos."
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