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Lissa Davies

IDroo Whiteboard for Skype - 1 views

    "What it is: IDroo is an educational multi user whiteboard that lets students instantly collaborate online.  Everything that is drawn or written on the whiteboard is visible to all participants in real-time.  IDroo supports an unlimited number of meeting participants, the only limitations are computer power and internet connection speed.  There is a professional math typing tool built-in making it easy to teach or work through math problems collaboratively. Best of all, IDroo can be used with Skype! IDroo is free for non-commercial use. Now for the downfall (and this is a HUGE downfall in my humble opinion), IDroo is currently only available for Windows.  I  know, disappointment for us Mac lovers. *sigh*  If you are using a Windows computer this is a great way to collaborate online! How to integrate IDroo into the classroom: IDroo would be a great app for collaborating with other classrooms around the world.  Students can use the multi user whiteboard space to work together, share ideas, and brainstorm.  IDroo would also be fantastic as a way for teachers to tutor students virtually.  Set up an "open lab" time once a week online where students can drop in and get extra help.  Virtual lab times are especially helpful for elementary students who can't dictate their own schedules and often can't stay after school for extra help. Tips: Don't forget to allow IDroo to access Skype API after you download!" iLearn Technology
Wendy Johnson

Eduism - 17 views

shared by Wendy Johnson on 29 Jun 09 - Cached
Wendy Cotta liked it
    Edusim is a 3D multi-user virtual world platform and authoring toolkit intended for your classroom interactive whiteboard. - Edusim has been tested and works on the Smartboard, Activeboard, Interwriter, Polyvision, Mimio, eBeam, and even the Wiimote Whiteboard. Allows multiple classrooms to connect their interactive whiteboards for collaborative learning session. Edusim as a concept seeks to model a new way to engage student through "immersive touch" by leveraging 3D virtual environments on the interactive surface or classroom interactive whiteboard.
Alison Hall

Greenbush Edusim - 0 views

    A virtual world for your interactive whiteboard
Ced Paine

Walk in the Forest - 0 views

    Take a walk in the forest and find animals in different layers using the virtual binoculars
Danny Nicholson

Melt Portal - 0 views

    Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) portal for schools where you can find open educational resources and assets from many different countries and providers, including 16 Ministries of Education. LRE content covers virtually all curriculum subjects, can be freely used by anyone and in some cases resources can also be adapted and redistributed.

Math Playground - 25 views

    math virtual manipulatives, math movies, basic math facts practice
Ced Paine

Neave Planetarium ...the sky in your web browser - 1 views

    Virtual star gazing
sandi jacques

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - 0 views

    A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics
helen hunt

Excellent Help Desk Support from the Professionals - 1 views

There was a time when I needed help with my computer concern and Help Virtual Desk Support was there to resolve it in a matter of minutes. Their help desk support was fast and reliable. I did not w...

started by helen hunt on 13 Oct 11 no follow-up yet

Tips on Hiring the Right Limo Service In USA - 0 views

    A limo service should never be short of exhilarating. With the right guidance, you can choose the service that suits your interest. You can avoid lousy limo services that promise one thing and deliver the exact opposite. You can avoid the hassle by choosing the right service using the following criteria. 1. Decide the Type of Service You Want You can hire limo services for virtually any event or occasion. Most people use these services during their weddings, prom dates, airport transfers, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, normal corporate functions, official functions, private parties, dinner dates, and many other situations. Whatever the event, a limousine service will make it memorable and special. Once you have decided the event, confirm how many people will use the service. If you need more than two people, you may need a company that has big limousines. If everyone is traveling alone, you may need a service that has a large fleet so that no one arrives too early or too late. On your wedding day, you need a spectacular limo that will make a statement. Whatever the occasion, you need a company that can cater to those specific needs. Specify the number of people, the number of limos, the type of limousines, the color of the limo, the driver's dress code, and such details. 2. Verify Things can go wrong if you don't conduct your due diligence. These are the things to check before you hire the company. A. Vehicle Inspection The vehicles inspection report and FMCSA registration should be available for review. It should also be up to date. B. Driver License Your chauffeur will determine the kind of experience you can get. The driver's license should be current. Inquire about the level of training, experience, and ability to communicate. C. Company License Every company should have licenses to operate in individual states. Players in Brevard County and Space Coast need specific permits from the state of Florida to offer public transportation. D.
Nigel Coutts

Exploring the Changing Social Contexts of Learning - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Understanding how mobile, global and virtual social networks influence our interpretation of socio-cultural theories of learning might allow us to better understand the interplay of settings and contexts within which learning occurs and in doing so better understand how learning may be facilitated.

Learning English Online - 1 views

Learn English in real time from the virtual classroom of a Canadian language school is only possible through Online Whiteboard resources, this allows sharing with students from all over the world f...

whiteboard education resources interactive smartboard Languages

started by anonymous on 08 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Jason Schmidt

eManipulatives - Coins and Bills (Grade 5) - 27 views

    Virtual money manipulatives for US currency.
Ako Z°om

some apps for edu - 0 views

  • The simulator includes an efficient dynamic pricing scheme that can be evaluated in considering multimedia distribution scenarios.
  • With InkSeine, you can circle a handwritten phrase within your notes to create a query.
  • Web code that displays a user interface to enable users to search, assimilate, and compare maps rapidly from an extensive corpus.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • MapCruncher lets users quickly convert existing maps into an online format that’s as fast and easy to use as Virtual Earth.
  • Classroom Learning Partner Instructor Authoring Tool
    • Ako Z°om
      about ppt annotation for students...
  • . Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC uses shape recognition to help you create and define bodies and forces
    • Ako Z°om
      similar to crayon or phun ?
  • Community BarThe Community Bar is an Internet Explorer plug-in that adds context-dependent content to the Web-browsing experience. As a user browses the Web, he or she can exchange notes from other people who visited the same page
  • With the ConferenceXP 4.0 Reflector Service, you can enable a ConferenceXP client in a unicast-only network to receive multicast transmissions over unicast.
  • Functional Reactive AnimationFran is a Haskell library (or "embedded language") for interactive animations with 2D and 3D graphics and sound.
    • Ako Z°om
      may be ?
    yeah i love the labs where creativity is still there, just before the "belived market" 187 softs ... but the searchtool is awfullt buggy ...
Ako Z°om

ISMAR 2007 | VResources - 0 views

    that's not especially whi(teborads, but also some VR tools, like camera tracking... used for augmented realities... other apps.. actu there
Ako Z°om

Le GamePlay de la Wii sans la Wii avec CamSpace | Korben - 0 views

  • a bien sympathique. Ca promet pour l’avenir du GamePlay PC ! (ou même consolèsque… “Allez hop, attrape ta canette de bière et moi mon carton de pizza, on se fait un MarioKart !”) + d’infos chez TechCrunch et sur CamSpace
    tracking of obects by 1 webcam...
    not the same as usual... here every objects become a remote... and capted by the webcam... so easily...
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