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Nigel Coutts

Focusing on What Matters - From Identifying to Enacting our Big Rocks - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    The message is now unpacked for the class. The jar represents our lives, and the challenge is to decide what we will fill our lives with. The large rocks represent those things which matter most in our lives. The gravel and sand the small things which occupy our time and keep us from what matters most. - How might this help us focus on what matters for our learners?
Ced Paine

Identify Rocks Game - Geology For Kids - By - 1 views

shared by Ced Paine on 25 Jul 09 - Cached
    Interactive for identifying igneous, metamorphic & sedimentary rocks
gokhan yilmaz

VAN İÇİN ROCK konserine büyük ilgi ! - 0 views

    Van depremi için yapılan yardım konserine büyük ilgi oldu. toplanan paralar vandaki depremzedelere göndermek için ayrılacaktı. bunun duyan vatandaş konsere akın etti:. biletler yok sattı birçok kişi kapıdan geri döndü tam 12.500 bilet satışa çıktığı anda herkes bilet almaya k
Sheryl Butler

Mrs. Butler's Fun Sites - 2 views

    Great site aligned to k-6 curriculum for enrichment or remediation. Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and more! Updated regularly! Units include animals, baseball, biomes & habitats, biographies, communities, countries & cultures, economics, electricity, forces and motion, magnetism, government, holidays, just for fun, landforms & geography, light & sound, math games, ,math videos, pi, money, moon & stars, nutrition, muscles & bones, teeth, Ohio plants & animals, plants, rocks & soil, simple machines, spelling & reading, and tools for kids.
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