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Paige Coker

OCR Terminal: Free Online OCR - Convert PDF to word, jpeg to word, scanned images to ed... - 1 views

    OCR Terminal is a free online Optical Character Recognition service that allows you to convert scanned images and PDFs into editable and text searchable documents. It accurately preserves formatting and layout of documents.
    Hi, I posted this in the Notebook forum, but will add it herre too. This should work on Mac (I don't have one or else I'd try) as it is web-based There's actually a really nice free tool out there called OCR Terminal ( It's an online service that allows you to convert scanned images and PDFs into editable and text searchable documents. It's not bad at preserving formatting and layout. You can download the converted documents in .doc, .txt, .rtf, or .xml formats, which is handy because .xml can be uploaded into Senteo for quizzing.
George Spicer

cardgame.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) - 1 views

    Loads of levels, useful for so many lessons: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fraction, decimals, converting measures. Great stuff.
Ako Z°om

some apps for edu - 0 views

  • The simulator includes an efficient dynamic pricing scheme that can be evaluated in considering multimedia distribution scenarios.
  • With InkSeine, you can circle a handwritten phrase within your notes to create a query.
  • Web code that displays a user interface to enable users to search, assimilate, and compare maps rapidly from an extensive corpus.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • MapCruncher lets users quickly convert existing maps into an online format that’s as fast and easy to use as Virtual Earth.
  • Classroom Learning Partner Instructor Authoring Tool
    • Ako Z°om
      about ppt annotation for students...
  • . Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC uses shape recognition to help you create and define bodies and forces
    • Ako Z°om
      similar to crayon or phun ?
  • Community BarThe Community Bar is an Internet Explorer plug-in that adds context-dependent content to the Web-browsing experience. As a user browses the Web, he or she can exchange notes from other people who visited the same page
  • With the ConferenceXP 4.0 Reflector Service, you can enable a ConferenceXP client in a unicast-only network to receive multicast transmissions over unicast.
  • Functional Reactive AnimationFran is a Haskell library (or "embedded language") for interactive animations with 2D and 3D graphics and sound.
    • Ako Z°om
      may be ?
    yeah i love the labs where creativity is still there, just before the "belived market" 187 softs ... but the searchtool is awfullt buggy ...
Danny Nicholson

iDesktop - browse, watch, download YouTube videos - 0 views

    another youtube video downloader - many formats supported
Allan Ramsby

WordMagnets - 3 views

    A very cool website that converts the words you type into magnets that can be moved around.
    Great place for IWB activities
Ced Paine

Edheads - Weather Activities - Temperature Converter - Kids Weather Activities - 0 views

    Learn how to report and predict the weather at the underground W.H.E.D. weather caves!
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