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Contents contributed and discussions participated by amagoiae


Project-Based Learning (PBL) in Science and Technology - 0 views

    • amagoiae
      Problemas en la implementación del PBL
  • (1) time management, (2) getting started, (3) establishing a culture that stresses student self-management, (4) managing student groups, (5) working with others outside the classroom, (6) getting the most out of technological resources and (7) assessing students and evaluating projects
  • We would add two other problem areas: teaching PBL skills and balancing the teaching of PBL skills with the learning of subject-domain specific content. Of course, management principles for the practicing PBL teacher exist; the study of expert PBL teachers identified 53 such "classroom management principles." However, the systematic learning of these principles by practicing PBL teachers is not a simple matter.
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  • Despite the difficulties teachers experience in learning, implementing and institutionalizing PBL, the PBL approach has generating a great deal of teacher and student enthusiasm. The combination of student-generated questions with standards-based principles and concepts withinin a context research skills development is an appealing mix for teachers as well as students.

Metal foam obliterates bullets - and that's just the beginning - 0 views

  • Composite metal foams (CMFs) are tough enough to turn an armor-piercing bullet into dust on impact
  • . Given that these foams are also lighter than metal plating, the material has obvious implications for creating new types of body and vehicle armor – and that's just the beginning of its potential uses.
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