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Nate Merrill

How 'Black Fives' led to racial integration in basketball - 2 views

    BBC News
Nate Merrill

The story of civilization - 10 views

    BBC - Travel - Ancient worlds
HistoryGrl14 .

BBC - A History of the World - About - British Museum - 100 Objects - 8 views

    This is a really cool site! There is also a podcast to accompany each object. There is an audio podcast and an enlargeable graphic of the object. These are great to use as bellwork, or within a lesson, or even as homework! I usually devise my own set of question(s) to go with the podcast and object - whether quiz style questions or longer discussion style questions.
Cindy Marston

BBC - History - How to do History Trail - 19 views

    Useful site in training students in historical investigation.
    Useful site in training students in historical investigation
Patrick Higgins

BBC - History - World War Two: Summary Outline of Key Events - 17 views

    Great simple timeline of events for WWII from the BBC.  
David Hilton

BBC News - Today - History teaching: 'A total disgrace' - 5 views

    Thought-provoking critique of history teaching in schools.
Jamie Gravell

BBC News - Audio slideshow: Mapping Africa - 13 views


    Audio Slideshow - Mapping Africa

    Mapping Africa is a five minute narrated overview of the changing map of Africa from the 14th Century through today. The slideshow features explanations of the features of different historical maps of Africa.
HistoryGrl14 .

BBC - Religion: Religions - 17 views

    Good resource for general info on a lot of religions around the globe!
David Hilton

A History of the World in 100 objects › The British Museum - 15 views

    This interesting series from the British Museum has an accompanying podcast easily downloadable on iTunes. 
Justen Eason

BBC - Dimensions - 8 views

    Show disasters, ancient cities, or battles on an overlay placed on the map of your local area.
Ed Webb

BBC News - History, with rose-tinted hindsight - 5 views

  • As one official explained, "we understand that school is a unique social institution that forms all citizens"; which means it is essential they should be taught history, especially the right kind of history. "We need a united society," the apparatchik goes on, and to achieve that end, "we need a united textbook".
  • in 1934, it was Stalin himself who convened an earlier meeting of historians to discuss the very same issue, namely the teaching of history in Russian schools. He disapproved of the conventional class-based accounts then available, which were strongly influenced by Marxist doctrines, and which traced the development of Russia from feudalism to capitalism and beyond.

    Crane removes Stalin statue overnight in Gori, his hometown
    Not even Stalin's hometown wanted to be associated with him anymore...

    "These textbooks," Stalin thundered, "aren't good for anything. It's all epochs and no facts, no events, no people, no concrete information."

    History, he concluded somewhat enigmatically, "must be history" - by which, in this case, he meant a cavalcade of national heroes, whose doings might appeal more broadly to the Russian people than the arid abstractions of class analysis and social structure.

  • Who, for example, should decide what history is taught in schools: should it be the government, or academic experts, or examination boards, or the schools themselves, or even the parents?
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  • for the last 18 months, I've been leading a project, based at the Institute of Historical Research, which is looking into the history of the teaching of history in schools in England since it first became a serious activity early in the 20th Century.

    And one of our most important discoveries so far has been the extent to which similar questions have been asked across the decades and generations, and often in complete ignorance of how they've been answered before.

Van Weringh

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Causes of the Cold War Activity - 6 views

    The BBC is so good at providing quality History resources. Here is another one; a must see for students who are about to study the Cold War
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