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Amanda French

Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper: Nicholson Baker: 9780375726217: Amazon... - 0 views

    A book about the history of microfilming newspapers after World War Two. Baker then set up his own newspaper repository, which he donated to Duke Libraries in 2004.
Ellie Cattle

Scientific research: Looks good on paper | The Economist - 0 views

    An article about a recent incident in China where a group of people were found to be selling fake scholarly articles to academics and producing fake medical journals for sale.
Amanda French - 1 views

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Mahrokh Akhavan

Steal This Research Paper! (You Already Paid for It.) - 0 views

    The idea of open access to scholarly journals seems to be a big debate and this article talks about how publishers make millions of dollars off of research and peer reviews that are done for free. It also talks about Aaron Swartz who led the movement for allowing access to journals by basically "stealing" them and sharing them.
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