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Talia Wujtewicz

Google has a database of magazines - 1 views

    You can use Google to search for magazines and magazine articles that date all the way back to the 1960's.
    Hey, that's super-useful, Talia, thanks! When Google scanned things from research libraries, that included a lot of magazines. Or maybe Google made deals with the publishers directly for these. There are some weird titles in there, though -- no Time, no Newsweek, but you can search through _Torque_, "Singapore's best homegrown car magazine" :)
Natasha Taliferro

Are Magazines Really Dying Out? - 0 views

    An article from The Guardian about the popularity of magazines amongst technology.
Gordon Hall

Lady Gaga slams her own Glamour magazine cover for photoshop - 0 views

    This is an interesting article about stars who are against photoshop or think it portrays an unrealistic expectation about how they look on magazine covers
Amanda French

Be a Wikipedia Editor - Wired How-To Wiki - 0 views

    If you want to gain strong reputation points in the Wikipedia community and therefore gain more privileges, here's how -- this is a tutorial from Wired magazine.
Xiaotong Liu

Scholarly Journals vs. Magazines - 0 views

    the difference between scholarly journals and magazines in different ways.
Daniel Richardson

How The Internet Changed Music - 0 views

    In this Time Magazine article, Claire Suddath interviews Greg Kot, who is a music critic for the Chicago Tribune. He gives his argument that the internet is a positive for music and the music industry. He has also written a book about the topic.
Amanda French

As We May Think - 0 views

    An article often cited as "inventing" the web, or at least the idea of it. Vannevar Bush worked in information intelligence during the Second World War, and his work in that field led him to conceive of a better way of finding and managing information. I don't know that the web has really solved that, though!
Natalie Niemeyer

Cable Companies Make 97% Profit Off Internet Services - 0 views

    Companies make have huge profit margins when it comes to providing Internet.
    Boy, I hate sites that have as many ads as that one does. The first site that that article links to is a bit better -- it's from the MIT Technology Review, which is an established and well-known journal / magazine. If you live in Austin, TX, you can buy Internet service directly from Google. Maybe the rest of us will be able to soon.
Amanda French

Basic OCR correction | The Uses of Scale in Literary Study - 0 views

    A blog post (nearly a scholarly article) on common errors made by Optical Character Recognition, including the error of thinking that the medial S is an f.
Xiaotong Liu - 0 views

This website shows the difference between magazines and scholarly journals.

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