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List of "Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access journals" - 0 views

    This is a list of open access journals which do not meet the standards to which scholarly journals must be held, including, but not limited to, undergoing peer review. This list also contains a link to criteria scholarly journals must meet.
Tiana Robles

Harvard University says it can't afford journal publishers' prices - 0 views

    Harvard University has been advising its professors to publish their work to open access journals since many large journal publishers are charging higher fees.
Jimin Kwon

Scientists boycott academic journals to protest the high cost of paywalls - 0 views

    This articles talks about the journal boycott of the U.K. scientists to protest the high cost of paywalls and shows the arguments on both sides- scholars and publishers.
Ellie Cattle

Scientific research: Looks good on paper | The Economist - 0 views

    An article about a recent incident in China where a group of people were found to be selling fake scholarly articles to academics and producing fake medical journals for sale.
Mahrokh Akhavan

Steal This Research Paper! (You Already Paid for It.) - 0 views

    The idea of open access to scholarly journals seems to be a big debate and this article talks about how publishers make millions of dollars off of research and peer reviews that are done for free. It also talks about Aaron Swartz who led the movement for allowing access to journals by basically "stealing" them and sharing them.
Gordon Hall

Historical Perspective Journal - 0 views

    This Journal, known as Perspectives on History, runs through the American Historical Association. It gives great perspective on various aspects of history through how its being used in teaching, the media, and through the archives. For any history majors out there, I strongly recommend checking out this journal.
Xiaotong Liu

Scholarly Journals vs. Magazines - 0 views

    the difference between scholarly journals and magazines in different ways.
Natalie Niemeyer

Cable Companies Make 97% Profit Off Internet Services - 0 views

    Companies make have huge profit margins when it comes to providing Internet.
    Boy, I hate sites that have as many ads as that one does. The first site that that article links to is a bit better -- it's from the MIT Technology Review, which is an established and well-known journal / magazine. If you live in Austin, TX, you can buy Internet service directly from Google. Maybe the rest of us will be able to soon.
Daniel Richardson

Google in China - 0 views

    Fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal on Google and how they are handling China's censorship laws.
Amanda French

Wikipedia as a Data Source for Political Scientists: Accuracy and Completeness of Coverage - 0 views

    A more recent article (from 2011) reporting the results of a study showing that Wikipedia is indeed usually accurate. The author writes: "In this article, I review thousands of Wikipedia articles about candidates, elections, and officeholders to assess both the accuracy and the thoroughness of Wikipedia's coverage. I find that Wikipedia is almost always accurate when a relevant article exists, but errors of omissionare extremely frequent. These errors of omission follow a predictable pattern. Wikipedia's political coverage is often very good for recent or prominent topics but is lacking on older or more obscure topics."

Journals - 0 views

    Major differences between scholarly, trade, and popular publications.
Vincent Rodriguez

Information about Scholarly Journals - 0 views

    website on UMUC breaks down the difference in sources and how to use them
Sara Simpkins

The Ultimate Source for Research - 0 views

    The ultimate guide for students who don't want to carry around their text books but still enjoy marking them up. With over 75,000 textbooks, Questia is an explosive host of information for the weary researcher. I really enjoy its easy navigation, ability to add comments in books, and wide range of topics. For an annual price of $100, I cut down on my book expenses and killed some book clutter in my apartment.
Xiaotong Liu - 0 views

This website shows the difference between magazines and scholarly journals.

internet information hist390

started by Xiaotong Liu on 13 Oct 13 no follow-up yet
Claire Madison

The Role of Peer Review for Scholarly Journals in the Information Age - 0 views

    Great article that shows exactly how important peer revision is in not only student work but scholarly work as well. This is a question on the test so this article might help out in that sense as well!
James Hemdal

Changes to JSTOR - 0 views

    This article is from the perspective of a university instruction coordinator and details concerns about JSTOR and how it is limiting information to students.
Benjamin Rizo

Jonah Peretti: Unknown Internet Hero - 0 views

    I figured an appropriate way to end the semester was to have a blog post about my blog post :)
Amanda French

Jonah Peretti Interview - 2 views

Don't forget to post these as "Bookmarks," not "Topics," Ben. Makes it easier for everyone.

presentation jonah peretti digital journalism

Lauren McDonald

Open access - 0 views

    Open access ( OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly research. It is most commonly applied to scholarly journal articles, but it is also increasingly being provided to theses, book chapters, and scholarly monographs.
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