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Brandon Boucher

Making The Web Faster With SPDY - 0 views

    SPDY (pronounced " SPeeDY ") is a new technology that aims to decrease page load times by fixing a number of flaws present in HTTP 1.1. It's not a replacement for HTTP but instead adds a number of features that help to make web transactions faster.
Natasha Taliferro

RSS Tutorial - 0 views

    A tutorial on how to put RSS code into a website and basic information and history of RSS.
Tiana Robles

CMS Comparisons: Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress - 0 views

    A comparison of some of the most widely-used content management systems.
Lauren McDonald

Tutorials on HTML, CSS, PHP, & Java Script - 1 views

    This website provides tutorials on HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java Script. Under each category you can learn a history and introduction into HTML or CSS and then learn how to create your own website using the step by step instructions.
    Not a bad site, Lauren, though I still think is better. Heaven knows there are tons of tutorials all over the Internet. Tons of books, too, of course.
Stephanie Sanlorenzo

Another site to learn code easily - 0 views

    For those of you who wish to learn more about coding, this site is perfect. You can learn Java, Python, HTML and many other codes.
Amanda French

Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML - 0 views

    A nice, short, clear introduction to HTML, if you're interested in pursuing it further. Last revised 2005 -- even that long ago, most people weren't writing it by hand, but it continues to be useful to know how to do so if necessary.
Amanda French

History of HTML - 4 views

Thanks, Brandon! Those are actually very good outlines of the history -- interesting. I've given you credit for this week's link. Can you please delete this topic, though, and repost those two link...

HTML History Awesome


HTML Tutorial: What is HTML? - 0 views

    A YouTube video that gives you some basic information on what HTML is.
Liz Roberts

Basic HTML Tags - 0 views

    This website shows the basics of writing HTML, and gives a rather long list of tags.
Amanda French

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials - 0 views

    A full, handy reference for HTML and CSS. Allows you to try out the code in the browser.
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