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Lizzie Ehrreich

What is Censorship? - 1 views

    Interesting look at censorship and various factors of censorship from a historical perspective that are argued to have contributed to cyber censorship today..."The rule historically has been, and continues to be, repression and suppression of disfavored ideas."

Is The Trans Pacific Partnership Extreme Censorship? - 0 views

    This opinion piece discusses a secret trade treaty called the Trans Pacific Partnership and whether it is a form of extreme censorship. According to this piece, the treaty has been compared to the Stop Online Piracy Act.
Brandon Boucher

China and Censorship - 0 views

    Activist in china have found a way to circumvent government censorship
Rebecca Lee

Google could end China's web censorship in 10 days - why doesn't it? - 0 views

    An article from "The Guardian" about how Google could end web censorship in China explained by Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt was quoted during a speech in Washington.
Amanda French

Internet censorship in China - 5 views

Jonathan, can you please delete this Topic and re-post the link as a Bookmark? I've given you credit already, but it'll keep the group neater. Thanks.

Daniel Richardson

Google in China - 0 views

    Fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal on Google and how they are handling China's censorship laws.
Anthony Rossi

Possible U.N. telecommunications treaty? - 0 views

    (A little outdated, 2012) This is an interesting article about possible international telecommunication regulations; and how countries have been preparing for The World Conference on International Telecommunications for months "behind closed doors". Although the idea seems easy enough, I do not believe that all the involved nations could reach a single standard when it comes to rights of speech and censorship. Even more so, if a treaty was made how would this effect the laws and citizens of the individual countries who already have laws in place?
Michael Olivarez

China and Google - 0 views

    This article by the NY times back in 2010 explains how China's censorship on the internet, mainly google is creating a wide variety of issues.
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