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Matti Narkia

The Nutrition Source - Knowledge for Healthy Eating - Harvard School of Public Health. - 0 views

    Welcome to The Nutrition Source, a Web site maintained by the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.
Ear Doc

Choose Eardoc before Going for Surgical Treatment of Ear Infection - 0 views

    Ear infection is one of the problems that can be seen mostly in children. Many of the babies, who are nearly three years in age, suffer from this ear infection. In order to cure the chronic infection of ears tubes are inserted. There are mainly 2 purposes in this ear tube operation.
Disease They Call FAT

How to Manage Lipedema through Liposuction - 0 views

    However, there have been teams of experts that have come up with lipedema liposuction technique. This treatment method has been designed to help the patients suffering from this disease get rid of the excess fat that accumulates in the lipedematous body areas.

Craig Raucher's Story - The court is no place for a guy with bad knees! - 0 views

    Craig Raucher A Guy Even With Bad Knees Play Basketball Playing professional basketball was always a part of life for Craig Raucher. But eight years ago, at the age of 59, he certainly had his knees replaced in the traditional age window, particularly considering his long and rich experience with athletics. Today, at the age of 67 and with two knee replacements behind him, not only with his peers but also with friends who are decades younger, he's back playing full-court basketball three days a week. Read the entire story:
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