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Avoid self-medication - It`s very important! - 0 views

    Self-medication is a giant killer. If you self-administer medicines without consulting the doctor they can make you victim of serious side-effects

Dubaicosmeticsurgery516: Get Killer Facial Contours with Cheek and Chin Augmentation - 0 views

    Cheek implant surgery aims at improving the appearance of sunken cheeks that have lost their shape and volume by placing implants in them,while Chin augmentation surgery is the right option for you if you have recessed chin and you want to improve its appearance. The procedure involves insertion of implant in chin.

NHS Blood-Thinning Drugs Save Thousands: Health Triumphs - 0 views

    The National Health Service (NHS) has said that the roll-out of blood-thinning drugs has helped save thousands of lives. In January 2022, the NHS launched a drive to rapidly expand the use of life-saving direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) in people who are at increased risk of strokes. Since then, more than 24 million prescriptions have been given to such patients and around 460,000 more people have started taking the drugs. This prevented an estimated 17,000 strokes and 4,000 deaths in the last 18 months, as revealed by the new NHS data. Amanda Pritchard, the NHS chief executive, hailed the "lifesaving NHS rollout" at the King's Fund annual conference. It is part of a major NHS drive on "prevention" - to catch more killer conditions earlier and save more lives.
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Hypertension: - 6 views

Hypertension is most often called or referred to as the silent killer. This is because, somebody may have this disease and will not know that he is having such disease. The blood level of any man d...

Hypertension symptoms health problems Killer disease.

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Pharmacists struggling to obtain common cold ,flu medicine - 0 views

    Leyla Hannbeck, chief executive of the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies has said pharmacists have been "struggling to obtain the very basic, most common cold and flu medicine." She told the PA news agency that the shortage wasn't around "just the branded medicines" but "also simple things like throat lozenges, cough mixtures or pain killers - particularly the ones that are soluble." Stating that the sector was finding it very difficult these shortages she said "those people who are in charge of supporting us with it are denying it." "The demand has been high because this season we've seen higher cases of colds and flu and people are obviously trying very hard to look after themselves and making sure that they use the relevant products to manage the symptoms.
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