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Sam Kinnson

Acquire Speedy Financial Support And Control Urgency - 4 views

Acquire easy and convenient fiscal backing with easy procedure without any difficulty during your weekend plan. Fast loans on weekend help you for weekend plan during cash crisis time, if you have ...

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started by Sam Kinnson on 20 Aug 15 no follow-up yet
Neil O'Sullivan

Everything Google | Ms. Drasby's Ed Tech Babble - - 18 views

    Good video tips for all things Google GAFE
Pavlína Hublová

třída na Twitteru s využitím google tabulek - 2 views

    Žáci zapisují do tabulky, učitel schvaluje.
Rhondda Powling

Free Technology for Teachers: Three Helpful Gmail Settings for Students and Teachers - 16 views

    "A post about the new (to some users) Gmail setting called "Undo Send" prompted a few questions to appear in Richard Byrne's email. To address those questions he recorded the following video containing an overview of three helpful Gmail settings for students and teachers. The video covers using Gmail offline, setting the "undo send" grace period, and setting the "reply v. reply all" default function."
Sam Kinnson

Convenient And Crisis Free Financial Backing Without Delay - 1 views

If you desire hassle free financial backing for reducing unseen cash crisis without any difficulty? Then acquire short term loans financial services and these loans will support to remove your mid ...

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started by Sam Kinnson on 05 Aug 15 no follow-up yet
Kasey Bell

Camp Google - 13 views

    Camp Google is a free camp for kids, full of fun science activities and adventures led by experts. Everyone is welcome, and you can jump in anytime.
Kasey Bell

Google Dashboard - Kiker Learning - 17 views

    Great Symbaloo of Google Ecosystem by Rich Kiker

Write in the Middle: Program 1 - Creating a Community of Writers - 10 views

    Annenberg Learner Video Series on teaching writing to middle school students.
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