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augusta gonzalez

Spanish: audio, videos and worksheets to teach vocabulary, culture, grammar - 2 views

    This website offers great ice breakers and other activities to present vocabulary, grammar and culture. the entire packets are for sale but some videos are online and can be used. I have bought rutina diaria, la hora and Quién es? We can share these.
Jan Eklund

Master Russian - grammar and vocab practice - 1 views

    Good practice on lots of different topics.
Sonja Marhefka

Quia - 0 views

    Online games, quizzes etc. It is a subscription based site BUT, there are a ton of items posted that are FREE to use!
    I "love" Quia and so do my kiddos! I have a paid subscription and have kept it for a number of years. If you see something on my site, either grab it from my site or link to my site for your students.
Barbara Lindsey

Thirty-Eight Interesting Ways* to use Wordle in the Classroom - 0 views

    Another of Tom Barrett's great applied examples.
Barbara Lindsey

TeachPaperless: The Five Minute Twitter Verb Crunch Drill - 0 views

    Gives example of whole class Latin verb parsing using Diigo, Twitter and Twitterfall. Extension: resultant work used as review/homework guide.
Barbara Lindsey

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom | Smart Teaching - 0 views

  • sk students to create study guides for a specific part of the unit you’re
  • Make it a class project to collaboratively write a reference book that others can use.
  • Get your class to create a glossary of terms they use and learn about in new units, adding definitions and images.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Encourage students to submit words that they had trouble with, along with a dictionary entry
  • Let your students share their collective information so that everyone gets a better understanding of the subject.
  • Encourage students to draft rules and policies for the classroom.
  • Make it a class project to create an FAQ for your classroom that will help new students and those that will come in years later.
  • Using a wiki platform, students don’t have to worry about web design, so they can focus on content instead.
  • Save links, documents, and quotes related to units or your classroom as a whole
  • Work with other teachers to create lesson plans and track students’ success.
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