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Tamura Jones

UK Census - 5 views

Aline Cormier

Acadian Roots - 0 views

    Acadian Roots Club, Acadians,Cajuns,French Canadians,Native Americans, parish records, obituaries, census records ,cemeteries,photo gallery,blog,zazzle store,and more.
Michael Hait

The importance of the 1870 U. S. Census to African-American research - 1 views

    When the 1860 federal census was collected and enumerated, slavery was still legal within most of the states south of the Mason-Dixon line. The 1860 federal census enumerated only free people of color in its population schedule; slaves were enumerated namelessly on a separate schedule, identified only by slave owner, age, gender, and color.
Michael Hait

Anatomy of the 1870 federal census - 2 views

    This article is part of a continuing series looking at each federal census individually. Please read the others in the archives of this column. The 1870 U. S. Census was the Ninth Decennial Census. This census is probably the single most important census for genealogists conducting research on African-American families
    So appreciate your articles; I will use them to educate myself more thoroughly and may refer others to this knowledge source, as well.
Michael Hait

Are census records reliable for genealogy research? - 1 views

    Over the last six months, this column has discussed the "Anatomy" of the federal census for the years from 1870-1930, not including the mostly-destroyed 1890 census. In this series of articles, each column of the census questionnaire was examined, and clues that will aid your research were discussed. If you have missed any of these articles, you can read them again using the links below: Anatomy of the 1930 federal census Anatomy of the 1920 federal census Anatomy of the 1910 federal census Anatomy of the 1900 federal census Anatomy of the 1880 federal census Anatomy of the 1870 federal census In a discussion concerning the federal census as evidence for genealogical research, however, one must also consider the question: are census records reliable sources?
Julie Cahill Tarr

Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses From 1790 to 2000 - 1 views

    From the U.S. Census Bureau
Kinfolknews Regina

State Census Records - 0 views

    This guide is designed to help you find out what state census records are available. We have limited the scope of this listing to include only those major sources that were generally designed by the state (or pre-state) government as a census of inhabitants and are readily accessible. Many sources exist that are not technically census records, but may assist you in locating a family. Tax lists, rent roles, voter lists, poll lists, etc. are among these. A few of them have been included.
Julie Cahill Tarr - 0 views

    Contains directories, yearbooks, etc. The site is not particularly user-friendly, but there's a lot of good stuff nonetheless.
Valerie Craft

The 2010 Census - 0 views

    Info about the 2010 census, including a countdown clock
Craig Manson

Census of Agriculture - Historical Census Publications - 0 views

    The Census of Agriculture historically was conducted by the Census Bureau in conjunction with the population census every ten years. Since 1992, however, the Agriculture Census has been performed by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service every five years in years ending in "2" or "7" This is website has information going back to 1840.
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