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Sandy Johnson

Minnesota Genealogy - 11 views

Michael Servetus Research

Michael Servetus Research - 0 views

    Hello, after 18 years of research on Michael Servetus ( genius from Renaissance, first European that described the pulmonary circulation, theologian and defender of Tolerance)we developed this website. . We tried it would be educative, academic, and also scholarly in some areas. We present a Genealogical study of his Jewish Converso heritage, chronology, study on the 10 new works & primary sources from documents we found. Also many links and resources that I will share here as soon as they are in English. Thanks for checking.
Margaret Harris

It's never too late to begin genealogy | Deseret News - 3 views

  • create a separate email account for genealogy purposes
  • try out different genealogy websites and programs before buying them.
  • Alzo described genealogy as being broken into three parts: skill, perseverance and serendipity.
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  • persevere through the difficult times and to understand that some success is happenstance,
  • first steps of genealogy are to figure out what you already know, have a goal in mind and conduct research.
  • Social media is another tool for relatives to find each other, Alzo told the class. Although it may not feel the same as finding relatives who have already passed away, a friend request from a distant cousin on Facebook can link to other sources of genealogy as well as build friendships with living relatives.
  • start with a broad search
    I was delighted to see this news article at Deseret News! Fresh from the conference, a summary of one class topic!
mars magenta - 6 views

    Lots of city directories and other records. (Not such a great design though.)
    Yes, I agree that the design is off-putting. I will have to explore the site as I didn't quite get the syntax.
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