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Xazel Crowney

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started by Xazel Crowney on 25 Apr 14
  • Xazel Crowney
    Individual suffers from many of the symptoms when infected constipated, and those are the symptoms fatigue with continuous blockage in the region, and rarely appears in loose stools without the use of laxatives.

    There are several types of diarrhea, type passed through the feces of colon at normal speed, and is caused by the presence of feces solid with a bulging abdomen, with a sense of permanent discomfort, has spoken a number of disorders the stomach, the result of a defect function in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which leads to the retention of feces.
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    There is another kind of constipation appears when girls in puberty once a week, and in that case suffer these girls from the difficulty in defecation, and there are a number of diseases that cause constipation neurological and multiple sclerosis, and intestinal obstruction false chronic idiopathic, along with injuries the bone marrow.

    Constipation may occur due to lack of activity or hyperthyroidism, or high calcium, explaining that these disorders may slow down the passage of stool through the colon, or rectum, or anal, and may require surgical treatment in case of laziness intestine.

    Surgical treatment after the failure of pharmaceutical treatment, and surgical procedures used vary depending on the situation, and are resorting to rectal surgery in the following cases when women suffer from difficulties in defecating, and have benefited from the application of pressure .

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