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Hannah Lee

Knowing When To Fold 'Em: The Science of Poker | Cocktail Party Physics, Scientific Ame... - 0 views

    This article concerning the science behind poker and its categorization as either skill or luck is particularly well written in that it draws its audience in by presenting a recent event that concerned poker, and then proceeding to present information on the history of poker as well as the statistics that support its argument.  Furthermore, the author establishes credibility throughout her post by referencing credible studies done. Her voice throughout the post continues to be entertaining, keeping the reader's attention for the entirety of her post.
Ryan McLaughlin

Painkilling chemicals with no side effects found in black mamba venom | Not Exactly Roc... - 0 views

    Interesting introduction and does a good job of explaining what has been discovered.
Malak Elmousallamy

Bonanza denied by pickax and jackass - 0 views

    This particular blog post caught my eye because of its funny, and somewhat goofy, title. Instead of simply listing the facts, the author describes a piece of history in a comedic and entertaining manner.
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