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NSA Methodology for Adversary Obstruction - 0 views

    I really just wonder what kind of decision-making went into creating this document--what they decided to add and take out, etc. This source also has outside sources on the final pages.

Kerckhoffs' history and principles of military cryptography, translated and adnotated. ... - 1 views

    This is a cryptography blogger's translation of Kerckhoff's article about military cryptography. He denotes that secret methods of communication are limited to higher officers due to potential leakage; but by limiting cryptographic use, are they potentially putting at risk the safety of lesser positions in order to keep the secrecy of their cipher methods? Is this just the inevitable nature of cryptography in general?

Military Cryptanalysis- NSA/CSS - 3 views

    Now that the NSA has declassified this information about cryptanalysis, either they can no longer utilize these methods of cryptography, or must do so with caution, knowing that anyone has the resources to crack them. Was it ethical of the NSA to release this information, especially if other countries still use these methods to create ciphers?

Zimmermann Telegram - illegal UK interception of US cable in 1917 to aid war effort - 1 views

    This blog has information about military cryptography and privacy in general, including this post about the Zimmermann Telegram. Is it ethical to lie to an ally if it is in their best interest? What are the ethics behind spying on one's allies? Do ethics hinder one's ability to win a war, and if so, should ethics be disregarded in times of war? Another interesting post examines how Snowden should be viewed as a patriot, not a traitor. This made me question where one's loyalty should remain- to the government or to the people?

Military encryption's going open -- Defense Systems - 2 views

    This makes me wonder how ethical it is for the NSA to be so heavily involved in cryptography internationally. Are they building a backdoor into these crytographic systems? If so, how ethical could that be?

Crypto modernization transforms military communications - 1 views

    Embeddable cryptographic processors are enabling a host of new defense communications applications, such as smartphones and tablet computers for tactical use on the front lines, but should soldiers be using the same object for both secure and insecure communications? Or does this create a conflict of interests?
    This is an article about the advancement of technology and how it has affected cryptography and secret-keeping during wartime.
Collin Jackson

WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ - 0 views

    Continuation of a story I posted a while ago. Britain's top code-breakers say they are stumped by a secret code found on the leg of a dead pigeon. .
Siegfried Schlunk

Siemens T-43 - 0 views

    A basic overview of the Siemens T-43 cipher machine used by the Germans, the first mixer machine of its kind.
Marco Tiburcio

Top Secret: the Stager ciphers in the Civil War - 0 views

    The cipher described in this article was so secret that even President Lincoln "was denied access to the codes."
Justin Yeh

SIGSALY - NSA/CSS - 0 views

    The SIGSALY voice encryption system used during WWII by the Allies.
Hannah Lee

Bletchley Park : The Machines - 0 views

    Gives a description of all of the machines used or developed at Bletchley Park for use in cryptanalysis. 
Kristin Davis

Official Site of the Navajo Code Talkers - 0 views

    The official website of the Code Talkers. It gives a description of the code used and stories of the remaining Navajos.
Tyren Herbst-Ingram

Understanding Cryptography in Modern Military Communications - 0 views

    A look at some older cryptography used by the military and a look at what they are transitioning to
Emily Dinino

Early U.S. military cryptography - 0 views

    A description of the U.S. military's first cryptographic system.
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