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Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Just Delete Me | A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. - 3 views

    "A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services."
Matteo Spreafico | Facebook Privacy Scanner - 2 views

  • This website provides an independent and open tool for scanning your Facebook privacy settings.
  • Our mission is to promote privacy awareness on Facebook and elsewhere. Spread awareness to your friends on Facebook by sharing this website with them:
Matteo Spreafico

The power of Twitter & the "Ellen Effect" | - 3 views

    The power of twitter
Matteo Spreafico

2 reasons most social networks aren't successful and 3 things you can do about it - 3 views

  • – Cluster Coefficient: This will give you an idea of how cohesive your network is. It’s pretty simple, just how many links you have in your network as a percentage of total potential links (which you can calculate by n(n-1)/2)
  • Finally, I would encourage you to read “6 Degrees” by Watts and “Linked” by Barabasi. Both are primary network theory pioneers and give accounts that are much more readable and informative than journalists write.
  • A tribe would eventually choose a host based on convenience (members are already using it, easy navigation, rapid sharing of communication, etc.), integration (Facebook Connect, Google Connect), and to some extent, available applications for members to use while being logged on to the network. Facebook excels in all three
Matteo Spreafico

About Loopt | Loopt - 1 views

  • Loopt shows users where friends are located and what they are doing via detailed, interactive maps on their mobile phones. Loopt helps friends connect on the fly and navigate their social lives by orienting them to people, places and events.
Matteo Spreafico

How Social Media is Upending the Enterprise - 0 views

  • The long-held notion that companies control the conversation is being challenged by social media.
  • In a world where any customer can, in seconds, tweet or post to Facebook a pithy product review or share an experience they had with a brand, companies are forced to entirely rethink how they interact with their customers. Step one, probably the hardest step, is realizing they are no longer in control. The power of social media has empowered the consumer to reach literally hundreds or thousands of people in seconds. And because we know a consumer’s closest friends are three to five times more likely to share the same preferences for products and brands, this newfound power is not to be underestimated.
  • Get Satisfaction has a fantastic manifesto, or “Company-Customer Pact," which defines a new relationship between a brand and its customers, encouraging public dialog, warts and all, but expecting productive discussion in return for the company’s helpful engagement.
Matteo Spreafico

TWEET IDEAS: 13 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet - 1 views

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