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Ariane Karakalos

Four Ways to Keep the Museum Experience Relevant | Fast Company - 0 views

  • The event was successful from both historical and new metrics. Attendance surpassed projections and 1,700 new memberships were generated just from people waiting in line for the exhibition. More importantly for Ferriso, the city-wide experience changed how people perceive the museum.
  • Chinese residents from Chinatown got involved for the first time.
  • Kids showed up by the busloads. Local restaurants hosted after-parties for young patrons, and robust blog discussions were moderated by some of Portland's design community. By extending the conversation throughout the city, the museum was able to attract a new audience and re-energize its traditional base.
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  • Ferriso understood that the ability of the museum to involve more people in the conversation was based on the relevancy of the content.
  • The CDN content was particularly relevant to Portland and had the potential to attract a new audience--the young creative class.
  • Portland has had a long trade relationship with China due to its location in the Pacific Northwest, and city officials intend to forge even closer ties. Portland's entrepreneurs and business people are interested in understanding more about this global force that is transforming the sociopolitical dynamic of the world. In addition, the exhibition's focus on design, though not traditional for the museum, connected with Portland's thriving design community.
  • triggered local businesses that were not previously involved with the museum to get involved
  • Discussions are ongoing about bringing in more exhibitions that are relevant to local businesses.
  • They invited a small number of people from the creative community who they knew would help stimulate conversation, like a good host at a dinner party. These creators hosted their own events and were invited to blog on the exhibition's Web site.
  • The bigger challenge for the museum was releasing control of the conversation. Museums are historically cautious, and protective of the intellectual rigor of each exhibition.
  • Curation: Stay true to who you are."At the end of the day, you still need to present a point of view," said Jay. "Curation is still king." The museum was able to successfully move beyond the traditional museum experience and remain authentic because it understood its core promise--inspiring conversations through art and culture. The medium of social media did not become the museum's promise, but a means to connect with a new generation of potential patrons. It remained committed to curatorial rigor, the selection of collaborators was strategic, and the topic was timely and meaningful. By staying true to its purpose, the museum was able to be relevant to this new generation without alienating its traditional patrons. An 85-year-old board member said it best: "CDN allowed the museum to rethink how it connects with people."
  • New metrics are being discussed to measure the value of the conversations generated by the museum. Ideas include measuring repeat visits to the museum, quality of conversations, and influence (how do you measure the impact of inspiring the next Frank Gehry?).
Ariane Karakalos

Plains Art Museum Seeks Community Involvement with Upcoming Exhibition « Plai... - 0 views

  • The exhibition, titled You Like This: A Democratic Approach to the Museum Collection, will be on display October 6 to January 15. All work in the exhibition will have been chosen by the public through crowdsourcing.
  • three-step process
  • advisory pane
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  • short survey online
  • pieces to choose from, so the panel will help narrow the focus based on the data from the survey.  After that, the public will b
  • After that, the public will be able to vote online for the specific pieces that will be part of the exhibition.
Ileana Maestas

Vacaville Planning Commission to mull capital improvement projects - The Reporter - 0 views

    Planning commissions are a place where museum's need to have a presence. These commissions look at the needs of the communities and plan up to ten years in advance. For museums to stay relevant to its community it needs to be involved in the log term plannin.
Lisa Eriksen

Mr. China Comes to America - James Fallows - The Atlantic - 1 views

    Interesting to think how museums could become more involved in design, incubation and the maker movement.
Ruth Cuadra

Restructure Joint Rivers Commission: Indo-Bangla roundtable - 0 views

    Stating that the present system to deal with the issues involving trans-boundary water resources is inadequate, an India-Bangladesh round-table held here has called for restructuring of the Joint Rivers Commission, and an integrated approach to solve unresolved issues.
Ruth Cuadra

"Stacked" by Michael Harris | The Walrus | April 2012 - 1 views

    Building a new library building gave designers and librarians a new way to think about what a library can be to a community.  Digital and physical coexist and people are a primary focus. Could a museum do as well?  How can you achieve this level of integration and community involvement without building a new building?
Ariane Karakalos

The Portland Art Museum Transforms an Exhibition Into a Social Platform | Fast Company - 0 views

  • museum borrowed from social networking platforms and created a dynamic ecosystem that invites different
  • evels of involvement from three types of people--creators, commentators and consumer
  • The museum's bold step was reaching out to creators--Portland's creative community--and inviting them to make their own exhibitions and events exploring the creative revolution in China as part of the total China Design Now exhibition experience.
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  • To extend community involvement online, the museum created where sixteen different blog editors from the community contribute content and editorial perspectives daily.
  • While including potentially offensive underground comics and "amateur" art may make some traditional museum-goers uncomfortable, the museum believes that inviting people to be part of the experience is necessary to remain relevant and worth the risk.
Ariane Karakalos

A Lifetime of Curiosity: Science Centers and Older Adults - 1 views

    Browse PublicationsA Lifetime of Curiosity: Science Centers and Older Adults A Lifetime of Curiosity A Lifetime of Curiosity: Science Centers and Older Adults Wendy Pollock, Editor ASTC, May 2009 With the first wave of baby boomers now looking to the next phase of life, the time is right for museums to expand their engagement with older adult audiences. This publication offers positive examples, inspirational stories, and resources for those who are ready to get involved
Karen Wade

A Museum Visit For Art Lovers With Alzheimer's : NPR - 1 views

    Another great program for visitors with memory loss and their care givers-and this time also involving middle school students.
Paul Spitzzeri

Vision 2030 Strategic Plan for Parks and Recreation in Montgomery County, Maryland - 0 views

    Though specifically for a Maryland county parks and rec dept, this strategic plan document might be useful for museum professionals who could be involved in similar long-term projects.
Ruth Cuadra

Court case could shape laws around wearable technology - 0 views

    Case involves a woman who got a ticket for driving while wearing her Google Glasses. Officer said it was the same as if she had a video/TV screen on in the front of her car.
Lisa Eriksen

As Parents Age, Asian-Americans Struggle to Obey a Cultural Code - - 0 views

    What are the cultural issues involved in eldercare?
Ruth Cuadra

Sustainability Television - 0 views

    Not sure what they're up to at this site, but I thought it was interesting that they choose the word "Television" to convey the idea of everyone being involved and sharing in a community.

Qualitative Filter Papers, Qualitative Ashless Filter Papers - 0 views

    Axiva Sichem Biotech is one of the leading exporter, manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of qualitative filter papers and qualitative ashless filter papers. We are involved in providing utmost quality products to customers that satisfy their entire necessities and requests.
David Bloom

The Promise and Peril of the 'Data-Driven Society' - - 0 views

  • Up to now, the focus on the power and implications of Big Data technology has been involved social media, business decision-making and online privacy. Those are big subjects in their own right. So it’s not surprising that the notion of a data-driven society has not been much considered.
Ariane Karakalos

New School Leads Conversation on the Future of Learning | The New School News - 0 views

  • The conference, hands-on workshops, science fair, performances, and other activities run October 10–16, one project is currently on view in the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons The New School for Design. The Assignment Book is an exhibition curated by Scholz and Christiane Paul, director of the graduate media studies program at The New School for Public Engagement and Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art, that poses questions for the audience. It features work by artist Luis Camnitzer that grapples with some unresolved questions about digital learning, and is solicited visitors to the gallery to add to the conversation, subverting the traditional role of the artist as teacher. There will be a discussion about this exhibition between Camnitzer and Paul on October 11.
Ariane Karakalos

Community Involvement : Discovery Center Museum : Rockford, IL - 0 views

  • Discovery Center Museum has provided after school activities within the Rockford School District #205 for the past 10 years. The After School Achievement Program is provided to schools within the Rockford School District that are defined as Title One schools. These schools are all located in predominately low-income neighborhoods and have a high number of children on the free or reduced lunch program, and have been placed on a statewide Watch List due to their low academic test scores. This program runs from September-May each year.
  • safe environment, positive mentoring and lessons that foster success in school and the community at large. Our program helps children succeed, develop a positive self-image and stay in school by improving their English language, reading, math, science and creative skills. Our program also teaches social and personal life skills, team building, and exposes children to a wide variety of cultural experiences
  • These after school programs are partially funded by the state of Illinois. Discovery Center provides approximately $100,000 of in-kind services for the five schools in which we serve as Lead Agency. This support is in the form of donated staff salaries, a free Family Nights at the museum for participating children and their families, materials, food, student incentives, contractual costs to other participating organizations, free admission to the museum for a field trip one time each year and free family memberships to the museum to all lead agency schools (approximately 500 families).
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