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Ruth Cuadra

USC students building a working Holodeck | Crave - CNET - 0 views

    a very serious effort to make the iconic virtual-reality room from "Star Trek" an actual reality
Leslie Matamoros

Why Reality Hasn't Gone Virtual: Google Goggles and the 'Headset Problem' - Design - GOOD - 0 views

    February 29, 2012
Elizabeth Merritt

Experts clash on where virtual reality sits in the Metaverse - 0 views

  • it might be five to ten years before VR becomes a Metaverse-ready item due to developer-side limitations
  • the main hurdle is the headset
Ariane Karakalos

The future museum and the future school at newlearningonline - 0 views

  • A team of researchers across Europe is conducting an experiment to bring the museum into the school using virtual reality technology.
  • CONNECT project
  • The CONNECT project team believes that by linking the classroom with science centres, museums, planetariums and observatories, it can marry the best elements of formal curricula with informal learning.
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  • Heads covered by virtual-reality visors,
  • link four science centres with participating classrooms in each country.
  • demanding technical challenges. A museum needs a series of access points around the various exhibits, for example, so students can really ‘visit’ the museum instead of watching a series of presentations. ‘In some museums that’s easy because there are high ceilings to fix the access points, in others it’s quite a challenge,’ explains Sotiriou …
  • In its software, CONNECT has produced a stunning virtual museum, featuring colourful, exciting graphics that allow a student to try experiments and then view the results. This advanced learning environment is called the CONNECT Virtual Science Thematic Park –
Paul Spitzzeri

Full Immersion Virtual Reality | VR | Future Timeline | Humanity | Technology | Singula... - 0 views

    Another installment of the future timeline--at the bottom of the page are links to decades to the end of the century.
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