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Lauren Panton

Toward a common definition of "flipped learning" - Casting Out Nines - The Chronicle of... - 0 views

    • Flexible environment (Students are allowed a variety of modes of learning and means of assessment)
    • Learning culture (Student-centered communities of inquiry rather than instructor-centered lecture)
    • Intentional content (Basically this means placing content in the most appropriate context – direct instruction prior to class for individual use, video that’s accessible to all students, etc.)
    • Professional educator (Being a reflective, accessible instructor who collaborates with other educators and takes responsibility for perfecting one’s craft)
Lauren Panton

Study Measures Benefits of a 'Flipped' Pharmacy Course - Wired Campus - Blogs - The Chr... - 1 views

  • The study is to be published in February in Academic Medicine, the journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, but it is available online now (it can be downloaded using the “Article as PDF” tool). It reports on the 2011 and 2012 versions of a first-year course for graduate students, “Basic Pharmaceutics II.”
Lauren Panton

Top 100 Tools for Learning - 1 views

    Thanks Lauren for sharing, interesteing to see the new tools appearing for the first time. iSpring and Feeder. Will have to explore. Deb
Becky Bush

The Best Gmail IFTTT Recipes - 0 views

    Gmail and If This Then That are already two of our favorite services. When you combine the two together they become seriously powerful. Here are a few of our favorite IFTTT recipes that make Gmail even more awesome.
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