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Lauren Panton

Back to School Selfie Adventure for Your Students! | Tech Learning - 0 views

    "Ignite presentation"
Lauren Panton

Increasing Student Engagement and Assessing the Value of an Online Collaboration Tool: ... - 0 views

  • Brunvand and Byrd praise VoiceThread for engaging students and holding the attention of students who are easily distracted or who have other learning challenges.[i] Bomar notes the more engaging advantages VoiceThread has over other presentation tools.[ii] According to Bomar, VoiceThread gives students multiple ways to use media in crafting their literature presentations and offers students a sense of audience that they don’t have in other presentation formats. Further, Bomar posits that with VoiceThread, students’ success in completing the assignment increases. Siegle praises the versatility of the tool: “The beauty of VoiceThread is the variety of formats comments can take. Some students may prefer to type their comments; others might be more comfortable recording video responses.”[iii]
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