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Lauren Panton

Part One: Going Beyond SAMR… 5 Ideas | Tech Learning - 0 views

    • Dr. Puentedura Blog – Why not read SAMR thoughts from the person who came up with the model. Dr. Puentedura provides important insight, reflections, and ideas.
    • Relating to Blooms – Once again learn from the SAMR creator, Dr. Puentedura, as he  provides this blog posted at Graphite showing relationships to SAMR and Blooms.
    • SAMR Model and 21st Century Skills – Explore an article that allows educators to look at the SAMR Model through the 21st century skill lens.
    • SAMR Model Example – Take a look at some great example relating SAMR to specific examples that educators can relate to.
    • K. Ward SAMR Discussions Example – Read about SAMR as related to online discussion examples.
    • SAMR… Teaching Above the Line – Discover a wonderful article that allows teachers to begin thinking of taking the SAMR steps.
    • Introduction to SAMR Model – Once again Common Sense Media provides an amazing video and information on the SAMR Model.
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