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Nintendo to shut down Wii and DS online gaming servers - Industry - News - - 0 views

    Nintendo is shutting down servers that support online play for the Wii and DS on May 30th. No longer will you be able to enjoy popular titles on said systems like pokemon, or mariokart, to its fullest. Playing with others is a big part of the enjoyment of a game, and communities for these games will likely collapse when the wifi deteonation comes. So, with the apparent loss of a large gaming group, why IS nintendo shutting down their servers for these two systems? Nintendo is looking for people to upgrade to the superior counterparts: the 3DS and WiiU. Similar games that shaped the online Wii community are coming out later this year for the WiiU. Nintendo did not officially say that the reason for the server shutdown was just a marketing ploy. It is speculated however, running a server shouldn't be a big problem for a tech giant like Nintendo... IMO, even with titles successors, sometimes you just want to relax by playing an old game on a system you already own. Variety is key.
Adrian Galope

Nintendo 3DS outselling four Sony devices in Japan, now has 65 percent of the market --... - 1 views

    This article is all about Nintendo 3DS outselling four Sony devices in Japan, now has 65 percent of the market. Japan's Media Create are showing that last year's trend has been fully reversed. Now consumers are hungry for 3DS because 3DS has more games compare to PS Vita. 3DS has a lot of good games, right now Kingdom of Hearts is the best selling game for the 3DS but sony can't compete with it because their PS Vita doesn't have good games to compete with it. A marked turnaround from when the console's future looked gloomy. 
Mary lou Paningbatan

Nintendo DS Lite Is Your Outdated Handheld Deal of the Day - 0 views

    Ds Lite has just been lowered down to the price of $45 dollars while the 3DS has been $170 dollars. More or less the prices of new gaming systems, phones(especially), and ipods usually are the most expensive than the old versions. 
Serena Zaccagnini

Nintendo sells over 50 million DS units, 3DS sales fall flat in comparison -- Engadget - 0 views

    Relating the DS to Lady Gaga. Interesting. Anyways, the DS has gone through so many changes in its lifespan. I for one know that the one I had became obsolete months later, and that was annoying. So I sold it. But the opposite is happening for Nintendo. Apparently, DS sales have skyrocketed, but the 3DS sales have decreased shockingly. Why is that, exactly? Probably because Nintendo will now face some competition. Even after the huge price cut, they've only sold have a million units. Team Nintendo!
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